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  1. Denied Boy (@DeniedBoy)
    12.09.2014 @ 11:36

    I must check carmenica diaz’s books. thank you for this Mistress

  2. Ezada
    12.09.2014 @ 11:42

    you are welcome

  3. tomas
    25.09.2014 @ 22:49

    Thanks Mistress Ezada, yes it was a great very professional site and a lot of nice femdom stories to get lost in. One more lady to admire.. mmm this strapon picture of Mistress tomas

  4. Ezada
    25.09.2014 @ 22:55

    I just received the gift card. Thank you, My slave

  5. tomas
    25.09.2014 @ 23:29

    Mistress Ezada, I am very glad to hear that you like my gift, and I get very excited and happy when Mistress call me her slave. I love and worship you, Goddess Ezada

  6. valat
    29.12.2014 @ 13:58

    bonjour est bientot Maitressezada , si vous acceptai , merci a vous , magnifique beautée, superbeautifull

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