The wonderful Carmenica Diaz

People often ask Me whether there are any producers of BDSM stuff whose work I really like. Well, there sure is one: The wonderful Carmenica Diaz. Her books and blog can all be found here:

Carmenicas great books have been good company on many of My travels. Her elegant and exciting writing will must reliably transfer the dull boredom on any long flight into sheer amusement. It has been more than once that the kinky femdom story I had enjoyed while traveling was turned into reality at my destination. And the lucky slave in question became the supporting actor in a literary adaptation without even knowing.

Her blog is a huge treasure trove filled to the brim with beautiful pictures, music, literature and most of all: with the spirit true femdom. Many great authors, photographers and painters I would not even know of if their work had not been featured on Carmenicas blog. It is a mystery to Me how she has managed for seven years now to find enough material for (mostly) six exciting posts every single day. Somehow she always just gets together the right blend of beauty, culture, art and perversion. “Strap-On Saturday” and “Worship Wednesday” have since long become my favorite days of the week.
So Carmenica, keep up the good work, you are a great inspiration to millions out there. I wished there would be more like you.

carmenica diaz_ezada sinn strap-on