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  1. tomas
    08.11.2014 @ 09:27

    Yes, Many Mistresses but only one Goddess

  2. Slave r
    08.11.2014 @ 12:12

    Wow! As always You look stunning Doamna. All eyes drawn to You.

  3. tomas
    09.11.2014 @ 14:10

    I worship You, Goddess Ezada Sinn, I belong to You

  4. ali
    30.11.2014 @ 09:30

    you kill me
    I jerk with your pics everyday every hour…

  5. SagarSlave
    18.12.2014 @ 14:39

    My body and mind are sloe property of Goddess EZADA and I am her Toilet Slave, kneeling before her Devine feet submissively, awaiting for opportunity to serve her submitting my body for Torture and pain to make my Goddess happy and enjoy the pleasure of my pain. Hoping to satiate my Hunger eating her Holy SHITT drink her PEE to quench my Thirst.

  6. horstie fm
    04.01.2015 @ 11:43

    i adore all the Ladies, but i’m totally addicted only to one: The Supreme Being in Female Supremacy – Lady Ezada Sinn

  7. zain
    03.03.2015 @ 13:51

    hello my skype is zain12551 i want i became your slave and eat your shitt

  8. zain
    03.03.2015 @ 13:52

    i realy like and love mistress sidonia piss and his feet am mistress sidonia slave

  9. Ezada
    03.03.2015 @ 14:10


  10. zain
    03.03.2015 @ 14:33

    mistress sidonia is realy realy good great mistress in the world contact me mistress sidonia am your slave zain12551 is my skype

  11. zain
    03.03.2015 @ 14:34

    mistress ezada you are also great lady spick and spwan lady am your feet sandle and am your toilet slave

  12. zain
    03.03.2015 @ 14:40

    hello mikstress ezada is so beautiful lady and mistress sidonia is so nice beautiful lady both are so good i am toilet slave of both mistress

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