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  1. Chris
    26.11.2014 @ 17:52

    Amazing story and also written in a way ,that the experiences of the slave come alive in the eyes of the reader .
    Goddess Ezada Sinn ,the Divine Queen and Ruler of this world and the religion of people around the world giving the chance to mortals to serve Her ,an honor that a part of us only dream .
    It was interesting the part that we have to eat our own sperm ,as it is something i was doing in honor of the Superior Goddess ,as i felt it is right ,but i was never given instruction to do it .Her Power is simply amazing and defiants long distances ,language barriers and laws of nature .The most amazing part in the story is the baptism of the slave ,the baptism of Ezadasinnism ,that every believer of the Great Goddess Ezada Sinn dreams ,as it is the ultimate symbolic action of faith ,devotion to the Goddess .Drinking the Holy Urine of the Goddess ,the divine liquid in the body of a mortal ,the taste of Perfection .Her Saliva ,Urine and the Divine juices of Her Superior Nature are the liquids ,that slaves crave to taste .
    My Goddess Ezada Sinn ,the One and Sublime Ruler of my race ,Your Power and Energy is truly Divine .I ask for forgiveness if for any reason i didn’t behave in the appropriate manner in front of You and i bow in front of You ,praying to Your Superiority .

    Truly Yours
    Chris from Greece

  2. Billy
    27.11.2014 @ 10:40

    I have been following this story, and really enjoying it, this chapter is the best so far. True dedication. I wonder where it goes from here?

  3. Ezada
    27.11.2014 @ 10:44

    you will see in about 10 days.

  4. tomas
    29.11.2014 @ 00:14

    Goddess Ezada Sinn, I read this amazing story over and over again, are You sure the slave’s name isn’t tomas

  5. tomas
    29.11.2014 @ 00:22

    I am a believer in Goddess Ezada

  6. Billy
    29.11.2014 @ 10:52

    Ok then I will check back in then to read the next part. The throne Queening section is very good, have been re reading it, more of this please if possible.

  7. Paolo
    31.03.2015 @ 14:27

    Lucky man!

  8. Dollo69
    18.09.2016 @ 23:08

    Viele liebe und demütige Grüße.
    Dollo Dolomiti
    I Love your sexy Style.

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