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  1. The Collaring and enslavement of slave p (# 069) part 2
    06.10.2015 @ 00:00

    […] Read the part 1 of this story. […]

  2. tomas
    20.10.2015 @ 23:39

    Mistress Ezada Sinn, it’s very interesting to read and think about this slave 069 that have the opportunity to join Your Femdom world as a collaring slave…
    And how Mistress teach her slave so easily exactly on the way Mistress want.
    I am impressed as always of Mistress Ezada power over Your slaves.

  3. Angel
    14.12.2017 @ 20:48

    Very interesting and surprising story, I believe in her lifestyle of Goddess Ezada, Unfortunately, I do not have the honor and privilege of personally serving her but his domination and pleasuret you manage is very real

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