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  1. sissy jamieanne
    13.12.2015 @ 13:22

    Good Day Mistress Ezada!

    I’m a follower of Yours on Fetlife, Ma’am…but this is Your first blog entry I’ve really read…and it was breathtaking! Your dominance shines through and becomes apparent as I read of Your treatment of Your slave first thing in the morning…delightful!

  2. Ezada
    13.12.2015 @ 13:28

    Welcome, sissy!

    Read all My blog entries, I am sure you will like them a lot 🙂

  3. sissy jamieanne
    14.12.2015 @ 12:23

    Thank You so much Mistress Ezada…i will certainly be following Your blog…humbly and on my knees!

  4. hengda yang
    19.12.2015 @ 17:52

    i love You, my Goddess Ezada, i wish i could write a book for You, my great Mistress, i long to be tortured by Your own Hand, the more tortured for Your pleasure, the more happy i feel at hear. Now the Christmas is coming. i wish You a Merry Chrstmas and a happy New Year!

  5. Ezada
    19.12.2015 @ 18:11

    Thank you for the good wishes and the generous Amazon gift card you offered to Me.

  6. hengda yang
    20.12.2015 @ 02:18

    my Greatest Supreme Goddess Ezada, having received Your nice reply, how happy i feel at heart, this is the greatest favor a slave could expect from his Mistress, i am so grateful, so excited, that i will be in high spirits the whole long, no words can express my love, my respect, my submission, my devotion to You.

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