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  1. Chris
    21.10.2014 @ 16:28

    My Goddess ,

    “obeying You ,serving You ,suffering for You and worshipping You” is a phrase that describes Your Religion ,Ezadasinnism ,in the best way .I bow before You and i pray to You ,my Powerful Goddess .

  2. horstie fm
    22.10.2014 @ 20:48

    Mistress Ezada,
    i owe most profound thanks that You explain Your humble devotees the principles of true submission again and again. So we can understand Your wisdom of Female Supremacy. So we know how to behave. i try to follow the way of worship You as outlined above

  3. tomas
    25.10.2014 @ 00:26

    Goddess Ezada Sinn, I belong to You

  4. AndreaSS
    27.10.2014 @ 14:46

    Your Majesty Lady Ezada Sinn, You should become Queen of the New Other World Kingdom – Her Majesty Ezada Sinn 1 , Queen of The New OWK – The true Empire of Women !!
    Your Majesty, thanks You for Yours lessons and orders !!
    From Russia with Love, Your slave andreass. I kneel and kiss Your boots !!
    Women Over men !!

  5. ggfootfreak
    29.10.2014 @ 02:05

    I feel so weak before Your Power Goddess, I have a great desire to throw myself at Your feet and give you the total control of my life …

  6. Billy
    01.11.2014 @ 12:48

    This is an interesting article but are there not health issues if one doesn’t cum for months on end? To avoid prostate cancer it’s advised to ejaculate every few days?

  7. Ezada
    01.11.2014 @ 12:53

    There is no direct link between prostrate cancer and ejaculation. High levels of sexual activity or frequent ejaculation were once rumored to increase prostate cancer risk. In fact, some studies show that men who reported more frequent ejaculations had a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Ejaculation itself has not been linked to prostate cancer.

  8. Billy
    01.11.2014 @ 13:37

    Ok, thanks for the informative reply. It’s hard to know these days what is good for you or bad, as doctors keep telling us one thing and then a few years late a new study tells us the opposite. There seems to be a stigma also , bound up with macho attitudes, attached to men checking themselves regularly which is a shame and dangerous. By the way, You look stunning in the photo above. Thanks.

  9. SagarSlave
    24.11.2014 @ 10:40

    My goddess I am born to be your TOILET-SLAVE to worship and serve. My pain is your Joy

  10. rami
    14.09.2017 @ 01:57

    Wow these lines blew my mind..:
    “whilst continuously reciting out loud my slave mantra, i knelt up and removed Your chastity lock. ”
    “i just kept repeating my mantra louder and louder, the intensity and passion of my submission and worship growing all the time as i tried to push myself deeper into the carpet. When at last the crescendo of my worship came, Your balls were emptied in a few short but very powerful pulses, and it was over.”

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