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  1. horstie fm
    13.05.2014 @ 19:24

    When You command it, Your slave must stretch out his forearms towards You. He has to be in a position that it is most convenient for You to shackle his arms, because it is his ultimate desire to please You. You know, however, You control him totally just by Your imperious glance of Your eyes, Your decisive words from Your lips, or Your clear gestures of dominance.

  2. sqweegel
    15.05.2014 @ 14:18

    Thank You Mistress Ezada for this instruction. Our subharts tend to see a high level of meaning in every command. It’s good to be pointed to the fact some of these instructions are “just” to make it convenience for The Mistress That’s what’s all about.

    Thank You again. Yours, sqweegel

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