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  1. Working Bee
    11.02.2017 @ 19:21

    It’s all about Goddess pleasure, always forever,
    Amazing wonderful breaftaking Women

  2. Frank2
    12.02.2017 @ 10:20

    Being a great fan of Goddess Ezada my oppinion is that “normal men” shouldn’t have the honor to kneel in front of the Goddess and earn whiplashes. This honor should be reserved for fully addicted slaves.
    The greatest honor, “normal men” like me deserve is buying the clips of the goddess, watch them while kneeling in front of the computer with clamped nipples and chastity cage and adore and worship the goddess. And they should start with foot-clips.

  3. Tarun
    15.02.2017 @ 22:09


  4. nuli
    16.02.2017 @ 09:39

    All slaves of a goddess may love to say to her: “I will do anything to please you.” But they don’t know what to do when they are faced by Goddess Ezada. Because She is the Goddess Who wants what is said to mean it strictly and exactly. So that anything should be to tolerate bravely any pain in expecting happiness with a bright smile at the corner of lips. i love to please Her with any of my great pains.

  5. dante
    16.02.2017 @ 21:38

    Could there be any better reason to suffer ,than for the pleasure of Goddess Ezada

  6. Leather Lady
    18.02.2017 @ 13:15

    Always a delight to watch you in action, whipping a worthless male into place. Love your leather gloves, I likewise wear leather gloves when whipping and flogging slaves, the feeling of leather luxury on me whilst my slaves feel the intense pain of the leather whip! The way it has to be xx.

  7. nuli
    21.02.2017 @ 09:18

    Now Goddess Ezada’s birthday is coming. It is the greatest festival for all of Her slaves. Let’s celebrate the festival by doing something for Her.

  8. Haks
    01.03.2017 @ 23:49

    How much do you charge for a session?


  9. Ezada
    25.03.2017 @ 22:42

    I am not available for professional sessions. I only play with My boys.

  10. Ezada
    25.03.2017 @ 22:46

    Thank you 🙂

  11. Frahm Guillaume
    02.04.2017 @ 18:16

    Good afternoon Mistress and Goddess Ezada Sinn
    My name is Guillaume Frahm I am a French submissive male of 37 years and submissive since 2007 I live in Le Havre in France alone
    I am for the supremacy Women over men I would désire serve you in totally obédience to be abused to be humiliated to suffer and to pain for your pleasure

  12. naveen
    09.04.2017 @ 13:46

    Goodness ezzada plese make me ur dog

    17.04.2017 @ 07:33

    My dearest, supreme GODDESS EZADA…it almost seems unfair that you are just so incredibly beautiful! The way you look, dress, pose,etc. You are so captivating & confident in every way and I wanted to tell you how much I love your work. If you were to look up the definition of the word “sexy”…there would only be any one of your gorgeous photos in the dictionary!

  14. kamel
    09.06.2017 @ 02:37

    Worship your feet

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