Picture of the week 6 2017 – your pain in chastity for My pleasure

How does it feel to be locked in chastity, boy? I will make sure you understand why I love to keep you chaste and totally under My control. I shall teach you to forget about your sexual gratification and take pleasure from offering Me pleasure. you’ll discover how to accept the pain I inflict upon you as a gift from your Goddess, and the only satisfaction you will ever receive is the honor of being a good slave of Mine. I’m going to whip you and hurt you more and more intensely, all so you can ultimately please Me. The pleasure I take by using you is all about My satisfaction, and I get so aroused when I see the agony in your eyes. If you are a good boy and learn your lessons well, then just maybe you will get a reward. The ensuing reward of kissing My ass and worshiping all of Me, your Goddess and Owner.

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