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  1. slavep
    23.12.2015 @ 21:38

    What a lucky slave to have to suffer at the hands of such a stunning mistress

  2. brett
    24.12.2015 @ 08:20

    his cock, or Your cock, seems to enjoy it.

  3. Sean
    25.12.2015 @ 22:28

    I´d let you torture me as much as you liked to…You could throw darts at my chest if you wanted!!

  4. hengda yang
    28.12.2015 @ 02:46

    i like to be tortured like this, my nipples being drilled by my Mistress’ high heels, the deeper, the happier i feel. This is one of my dreams with my nipples being tortured by the most beautiful Mistress, the supreme Goddess, the noblest Lady of ladies Ezada Sinn. It’s one of the greatest happiness You bestow on Your slaves, how i long for the happiness You bestowed on that slave in the pictures, how i wish i could take his place. At the end of the year 2015, during whcih i fell in crazy love for You, and in absolute devotion to You, i wish more successes for Your great cause, and am determined to devote myself more thoroughly, more whole-heartedly to You, my Goddess Ezada.
    Happy New Year! my greatest, nicest and most beautiful Mistress!

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