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  1. nuli
    17.08.2017 @ 09:43

    Yes, Goddess Ezada’s pleasure is the only thing that matters. For nuli, cold, suffering, hardships, humiliation, hard labor. and hunger, do not matter, but Goddess Ezada’s pleasure is the most important. If a slave is faithful to Goddess Ezada, to Goddess Ezada’s pleasure, can be tested by all those hardships, difficulties, and humiliation. Every slave of Goddess Ezada’s strives for being tested so as to prove their devotion and submission to Goddess Ezada.

  2. nuli
    20.08.2017 @ 04:48

    nuli loves to be Goddess Ezada’s prisoner, because in Goddess’ prison, nuli can concentrate the whole of his mind and body to his worship of Goddess Ezada, no one disturbs his thinking of, his dream of, his greatest Goddess Ezada. Every time when Goddess appears before him, he will take it as a great supprise, though maybe it means that he has to suffer, to be whipped hard, yet he feels it a greatest happiness, for him, because when Goddess whips him he feels Goddess aroused and pleased, the more he suffers, the more he feels Goddess aroused and pleased. The only purpose of his existence is to please Her, his greatest, most charming, most beautiful, most powerful, loveliest Goddess Ezada.

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