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  1. Tomas Johansson
    14.01.2014 @ 00:44

    Mistress Ezada Sinn, I love you and I want to worship you. My name is Tomas J******** [edited by Mistress Ezada] and I live in Sweden. I think you are the most amazing sexy Mistress on earth. ….. thanks tomas

  2. slave alfredo
    14.01.2014 @ 11:27


    YOU are absolutely right – as always. Leather turns a LADY into a MISTRESS!

    For a slave, it is an honour, to wear leather also and to have a look at his LEATHER-MISTRESS.

    But do YOU, severe MISTRESS EZADA SINN, not think, that the relation between a LADY and a slave comes out much more better, when the slave is fully naked?

    However the slave. YOU, severe MISTRESS EZADA SINN, in YOUR black leather-clothes, YOUR black leather-boots and YOUR black leather-gloves are THE LEATHER-GODDESS.

    On my knees I kiss YOUR gloved hand, that perhaps sometimes will punish and torture me

    slave alfredo

  3. Ezada
    14.01.2014 @ 11:33

    A slave is always naked in front of his Goddess. But I am not talking about the clothes he is wearing. he can wear only a chastity device, leather from tip to toe, or an Armani suit, but he is totally naked and vulnerable for the Mistress.

  4. maidjuani
    15.01.2014 @ 20:12

    love in his eyes as his slave dressed in leather then the pain will come and he would support his love for you

  5. Wanker Slave
    20.01.2014 @ 11:44

    You are a Superior Goddess Mistress.

  6. slave alfredo
    20.01.2014 @ 23:48

    Glorious MISTRESS EZADA,

    of course, all slaves down to your feet are naked (also in clothes), helpless and vulnerable!

    Perhaps, a few slaves feel a little secure, when they meet MISTRESS EZADA in their clothes. But they will learn in a few minutes, that they are only a victim of the GODDESS.

    I am sure, GODDESS EZADA, YOU do not need especially leather-clothes. YOU are severe and dominant in each kind of Dress, isnt it?

    Where is the man, who doesnt want to be YOUR slave?

    Respectfully slave alfredo

  7. Trey
    09.03.2014 @ 09:50

    Verehrte Madame Catarina ,Ihnen ist wieder ein sehr faseenizrindes Movie mit Bootlicker gelungen ,absolute Dominanz und komplette Hingabe ergeben ein perfektes Szenario ,vielen Dank daffcr , einfach traumhaft !Beste GrfcsseCaneboy

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