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  1. horstie fm
    11.06.2015 @ 14:03

    i do understand the link between YOU and Your slaves, i do understand the true love in Female led relationship. Only tough males can love You, You make them toughly. Thank You, Mistress Ezada

  2. laurentslavesm
    17.06.2015 @ 21:14

    souffrir pour votre plaisir,Madame

  3. croma
    18.06.2015 @ 13:37

    This was an exciting punishment really but did the whipping happen on the most suitable body part?

  4. hengda yang
    18.06.2015 @ 16:43

    i understand Your principle, my Goddess, the more i suffer, the more pleasure You have, so for Your pleasure, i can do everything, especially learn to suffer the greatest pain, only through this way can i make You happy, but at the same time i prove my greatest love for You, my most beautiful, most charming, most powful Supreme Goddess Ezada. i am longing for a chance to suffer under Your feet, under Your whip lashes, i will be the happiest in the world while suffering.

  5. tomas
    19.06.2015 @ 08:20

    ohh Mistress, so extremely powerful and dangerous sexy.
    Mistress Ezada whipping is always a peace of art.
    I love You Mistress Ezada Sinn and I want Mistress whip kisses on my body, break me, destroy me, make me Your own property. … ohh Mistress

  6. Ezada
    19.06.2015 @ 10:53

    This was a full body whipping. My favorite areas are the back and the bum but sometimes, because I like to see the fear in My slave’s eyes I choose to whip his nipples (chest), belly or even genitals.

  7. Pete Evans
    21.06.2015 @ 16:52

    Having had the honour of being whipped on my chest by You, Mistress Ezada, with Your single-tail whip – I can confirm to everyone as to Your expertise with it. Although I’ve yet to experience a full body whipping from Yourself, but I’m sure that if & when I do I will receive lots of love from each lash.

    I can also imagine that even when I’m sobbing begging for mercy, You just laugh at my predicament, and reminding me how I had signed a Contract – which clearly stated that under no circumstances did I want to be shown any mercy, and furthermore I declined the option of a safeword.

    Even when I plead but Mistress it was in Romanian, You laugh again stating, “Well that’s not My fault, so be quiet and accept the love I am showering you with”. “Also if You want to please Your Mistress – you should be begging me to whip you more, not begging me to stop”. I think I finally understand – Please Mistress whip me more, please Mistress.

    Even before I finished saying Mistress – the whipping recommenced.

    As always Mistress Ezada You are right, Your whip is the link between us mere slaves.

  8. Ezada
    23.06.2015 @ 21:36

    I remember the pleasure of whipping you and branding your fair skin with My whip.

  9. Toilet Slave
    26.06.2015 @ 10:02

    My Goddess Mistress Ezada,
    I want to be a Toilet-Slave of my Devine Goddess Mistress EZADA all my life, serve my Goddess in Total submission of my body and mind to Devine Goddess feet to tirture me at her will and pleasure and on my begging her consider granting her holy SHITT to me, only thing that I eat to live. I beg My Goddess to make me as human Toilet for all the other Mistresses who consider granting their SCAT on being used as their slave

  10. ezada: Read My new blog entry:…
    20.11.2015 @ 19:01

  11. Philip Meighan
    10.05.2016 @ 20:41

    Very sexy Miss Ezada.
    Would love to get your bullwhip.
    Lots of lashes Miss.

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