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  1. mazen abood
    29.01.2017 @ 23:06

    my adorable divine goddess Ezada Sinn you are magical superior lady

  2. mazen abood
    29.01.2017 @ 23:07

    goddess you were born to be worshipped

  3. enrico
    30.01.2017 @ 22:23

    Lovely picture and video!

    enrico, slave of Mistress Kate – Netherlands

  4. Frank2
    04.02.2017 @ 05:03

    To be sure that Goddess Ezada is the most beautiful creation on earth!

    To see that she is even more beautiful every day!

    She is a goddess!

    Get down on your knees and worship her and her beauty!

  5. Working Bee
    11.02.2017 @ 19:30

    That’s my place, under Goddess lovely feet

  6. nuli
    12.07.2017 @ 10:17

    To worship Goddess Ezada’s feet has a special significance for Her slaves. When nuli is under Goddess’ direct control, Goddess allows nuli to kiss Her feet every morning as morning worship. Then nuli is full of energy and vigor. Even Goddess Herself became curious once why an old man as nuli is, but full of energy. nuli’s energy comes from Goddess, through the touch of nuli’s lips on Goddess’ feet, in a flash, the original divine energy flows into nuli’s body. Now though nuli is far away from Europe, yet so long as nuli focuses whole of his mind on Goddess Ezada and Her feet, totally without any other ideas, then Goddess’ divine energy can be transmitted to nuli through the fourth dimension space. So nuli is full of energy everyday, even though his body is not in Europe.

  7. Michele
    07.02.2022 @ 13:19

    I will be ready for the feet of Goddess Ezada!

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