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  1. frank
    31.03.2015 @ 23:36

    Oh that’s so very well written Mistress. Just perfect. One of Your best postings so far, quite definitely also languagewise if i may say so.

  2. tomas
    02.04.2015 @ 05:52

    Mistress Ezada Sinn, I think You are the most beautiful women on earth, and always looks fabulous, but sorry, blue is not Your color, black, red, white, golden, purple, yes all other colors than blue, sorry but that’s my opinions.
    otherwise it’s a very sexy set up.

  3. Andy
    02.04.2015 @ 21:22

    Mistress Ezada could wear any colour! She looks amazing whatever she wears and when I serve her at the femme domme retreat it will be an honour x

  4. tomas
    04.04.2015 @ 13:15

    Off course She can.
    That was not my point.
    I just think that this bright blue color don’t match Mistress own beauty level.

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