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  1. stoney
    09.07.2015 @ 19:28

    Goddess Ezada

    In Your FemDom world, this photograph is so PC “politically correct”, that the message it conveys is spot on, honest and real. i applaud You for manifesting who You are and what You stand for.

  2. horstie fm
    13.07.2015 @ 22:13

    Your message is clear-cut, there is no doubt what You want. Like me all of Your devotees confess to Your religion. we want to obey You, eagerly we seek to please You. Therefore we rely on Your methods of re-education, Your chastity control, Your impotence training. we appreciate Your methods, just by them we become Your property, our desire of being

  3. luckymann
    16.07.2015 @ 18:00

    stunning,in control…

  4. tomas
    20.07.2015 @ 01:40

    just perfect, thanks my Goddess

  5. Ian
    07.11.2015 @ 18:00

    This sounds like a wonderful way to be an obedient sub, this is how I would love to be.

  6. Bob
    05.05.2016 @ 21:37

    My wife has discovered the benefits of orgasm denial. I have become so much more attentive, appreciative, affectionate since she has implemented this new aspect of our life. It has been one month with no end in sight. I am much more productive at home, taking on most of the household chores. My wife receives orgasms on a daily basis now, unheard of in our old life. I would recommend this to all women who desire an obedient, compliant male in their life. This truly is the key to controlling a male’s brain and ultimately his whole life! I thank my wife every day for this gift she has given me.

  7. mike
    10.05.2016 @ 17:47

    it is so hot that you like making your slaves impotent to make them more submissive, literally destroying their manhood

  8. Bobbie
    25.05.2018 @ 18:01

    Is this the normal male bodies response to denied orgasm or release?
    That they become more and more impotent?

  9. Ezada
    29.05.2018 @ 19:26

    Long term chastity combined with the lack of tease and denial will often end up in temporary impotency

  10. sissy Brandy
    13.11.2019 @ 03:12

    My girlfriend found out I was secretly crossdressing wearing her panties and bras one morning she woke up shaved my man Hood put me in a small chastity and slowly started her sissy training to be a cuckold and the personal sex toy of her fantasies now she has me fully trained only have pleasure from being penetrated with very large strap-ons and tunnel plugs. I dress all the time now and I craved large BBC

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