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  1. ricky
    12.11.2015 @ 07:23

    Hi there. You are a beautiful Goddess and i would love to serve you. I dont fly but i wondered how that would work. Thanks for the info.

  2. Roger Perry
    12.11.2015 @ 14:33

    I am never going to visit America or any other Country that does this.
    All their security measures are a joke .
    The data protection act is also a joke.
    If a Government can view all your private information, they can pass it on and do what they like with it; and that includes breaking the Law Of Copyright and Patents !

    For example you are working on a Secret New Invention and you have n’t Registered it yet. The Goverment’s automatically know all about its so they can Patent it first !

    It s obvious that Governments don’t give a monkeys for your rights as they don’t respect nor honour them.
    All our Governments are becoming Dictatorial because they all want a One World Government; except Russia and China and North Korea and Iran etc.
    They would rather have WW3 than accept it but that suits the New World Order Peeps as that’s actually what they want ! Think not ? The Google Agenda 21. please.

  3. Ezada
    14.11.2015 @ 17:24

    I am apolitical and I prefer not to discuss about these issues. However, I respect everyone’s right to choose what is the best for themselves as long it’s not disturbing/dangerous for others.

  4. cigarashslave
    17.11.2015 @ 16:08

    Ah Goddess Ezada,

    Your sit is right those eyes are like a gypsy come to steal our male souls. Of course regarding the metal chastity device why call it body jewelry rather than just letting them know he is wearing a chastity device especially if they already determined to do a body search?

  5. Slave Sagar
    16.12.2015 @ 13:28

    I wish My Goddess Grants me a Chastity and tease me at her will.

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