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  1. tomas
    04.10.2014 @ 08:56

    Mistress Ezada Sinn, mighty queen, yes I will… tomas

  2. horstie fm
    04.10.2014 @ 09:35

    i keep up working hard on the blog spreading Your religion in the WWW. i wanna be a humble devotee of the Goddess Lady Ezada Sinn

  3. Ezada
    04.10.2014 @ 09:49

    I appreciate your effort in spreading My religion.

  4. tomas
    05.10.2014 @ 10:03

    Mistress Ezada Sinn, I can’t stop thinking about this “devotee club” it’s a splendid idea, Mistress, You are a very intelligent and smart Women and now exactly what we submissive men need. In some way You represent all women in the world. I can only say for my self that I am a better person since I start following Mistress and I feel more satisfied thanks to You. I need to worship and give love and energy to Mistress…

  5. Chris
    05.10.2014 @ 15:31

    My beautiful Goddess ,being a devotee of Your Divine Superiority is special for every Ezadasinnist believer .Loving ,obeying and worshiping You is a dream for us .The only reward we get is being a part of Your Empire ,under You and that is amazing .

  6. slave marc
    07.10.2014 @ 20:49

    Most Beautiful of Goddesses and Most Majestic of Queens
    Stimată Doamnă Ezada

    Thank You for offering all undeserving males the mercy of serving You in this way. I came to Your religion through horstie fm’s and look forward to supporting him in spreading Your gospel of Ezada if it pleases You.

    However, I must also apologise for my e-mail application, as failed I to address You correctly in in my application letter, using the noble title Stăpâna, which only Your owned slaves have permission to use, instead of the title Doamnă. I am writing this here to express my heartfelt apology for my ignorance but also so others can learn from my error and address You in the proper way. I recommend to all prospective slaves and devotees to thoroughly read the Lady Ezada’s website (not once but twice or three times) and especially her blog and interviews where She guides and teaches us through Her own words (

    Goddess, You are a true Goddess and all men should worship You, though few will be granted the mercy of serving You. I hope to earn that mercy through my devotion.

    Humbly and unworthily Yours
    slave marc

  7. Ezada
    07.10.2014 @ 20:51

    Apologies accepted. you will here from Me soon.

  8. slave marc
    11.10.2014 @ 19:11

    Mulţumésc foarte mulţ
    Mai Frumoasă Doamnă Ezada

    Oh Divine Highness, Your humble servant never expected the mercy of a reply on Your blog. Thank You so much for giving me another chance, despite my ignorance. Serving You is an honour that is well worth waiting for. i humbly look forward to hearing from You, whenever it pleases You, Noble Madame!

    In the meantime, Your blog and website are a good place for me to educate and prepare myself! Thank You Goddess! Mulţumésc Maiestuoasa Dea!

    Vie împărăția Ta, facă-se voia Ta
    Că a Ta este împărăția și puterea și mărirea!

    Forever humbly Yours
    slave marc

    09.11.2014 @ 06:25

    My Goddess, Mistress EZDA,
    Kneeling before the Devine feet inthe photo of My Goddess Mistress EZDA, with utmost obedience and devotion, placing my head on those holy toes, I beg to submit that I want to be your Most Submissive Toilet-Slave and serve you My Goddess.I am fortunate if my Goddess chooses me as her Toilet-Slave and grants me her sacred & Holy SHITT. I will eat all the SHITT with gratitude and submitt my body for any sever Torture that gives pleasure to my Goddess. I would like to be her PIGGY-Slave, her Poney, Doggy to obey and carry out all her comnands. As her slave I shal be a cuckold and Sissy boy to her pleasure. I feel lucky if my Goddess fixes Chastity Cage and Deney orgasm and laugh and enjoy torturing my Tiny little Cock of 1 and1/2 ” that shakes violently as my Goddess presses remote to tingle the bells hooked to the tip of my cock. I feel proud that my Goddess gets me tattooed on my face reading “TOILET-SLAVE OF MISTRESS EZDA”. My Goddess I beg to submitt to your feet my Body
    to be your sole property.

    Yours Most Humbly

    13.11.2014 @ 02:40

    My Goddess Mistress EZDA,
    With my tiny little cock of less than 2″ I am loser and worth to serve mistress as her Slave. Having faced many humiliations with girls I learnt to be very submissive and receive all Humilation. I have been used as cuckold by local girl who uses me to lick and suck dick of her boy friends to make it fully erected and guide it to her pussy and to keep on licking while he stocks. Finally when he cums I must lick and clean both their organs and massage their feet to their relief. She also made me to eat her SHITT in presence of her friends. All of them enjoy fun of my swallowing her SHITT. Having seen you in the blog I felt that Mistress EZDA is my Goddess and want to serve her Devine feet. I beg My Goddess to grant me the boon of being a TOILET-SLAVE at her feet all my life. My Giddess I beg you to consider my plea to accept me as your toilet-slave and use me in any manner you wish

  11. peterghaznavi
    10.01.2015 @ 07:15

    I want to b ur slave n learn how to please u u r so beautiful i just want to worship u i love to b mistreated n abused by beautiful women im sure i can b helpful to u in many ways i would love to make movies different kinds of sex movies i am also into fetishes n getting punched in my belly n moaningi like to b smacked on my ass n my face i love to be spit on n i love to be humilated when ur girlfriends n your guest are around just humilate me in the worst way so they can all laugh at me while i apologize n cry for your happiness

  12. abdo
    15.01.2015 @ 03:30

    Goddess ezada am from morocco and i have been visiting ur site for a year now and a tooooootally in love with u , i want to be ur slave , please am spreading ur religion

  13. Gopalkrishna
    24.08.2016 @ 13:22


  14. Sun it pal
    21.03.2017 @ 10:49

    U r goddess of all goddesses

  15. Suman das
    21.03.2017 @ 10:51

    I except ur supremely

  16. ninkasi
    31.08.2017 @ 15:24

    Your words in these sentences explain in meticulous detail the very reasons why i have finally made the decision to reach out to You Goddess Ezada:

    “The service for Me already is the reward in itself. My true devotees will know that their service will connect them to Me. Giving Me pleasure, enhancing My wellbeing will make them happy as well.”

    The feeling i get from opening an email from You couldn’t compare to the exuberance one would feel upon summiting Mount Everest. The overwhelming yearning and ambition i feel to willfully obey and serve Your every need encompasses my entire being. It is without a doubt, the primary purpose of all males to offer their entire reality of human existence to make You happy.

    Thank You for the honor to read Your insightful words.

  17. Ezada
    31.08.2017 @ 18:27

    Good boy!

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