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  1. Deepak Singh
    19.05.2016 @ 18:55

    Dear Goddess Ezada Sinn,
    After our interaction via email yesterday, I have spent hours reading your entire history as in your website, profile, interests, priorities and interviews with the Femdommesociety, Sin Search, and BeDeSeMe eMag and learned a lot about you through all the reading of your varied interests.
    First of all I am totally honoured that you are willing to consider me for service for your video clips, to meet and give me an opportunity to serve you on a regular basis and even be considered for service on a permanent basis, with the possibility to become your owned property, if found deserving. I will surely hope and work towards achieving this end.
    I did and will continue with the Mantra, ‘ I WORSHIP YOU, GODDESS EZADA SINN, I BELONG TO YOU’.
    I have been a member of the for several years and you can see my fds page under Deepak1

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