1. nuli
    20.07.2017 @ 04:46

    To be Goddess’ boots licker is a very lucky chance for Goddess Ezada’s slave to serve Her wholeheartedly. It should be full of enthusiasm and passion. How many Goddess’ slaves dream of licking Goddess’ boots, but they are still waiting for Goddess’ orders. nuli had dreamed of licking Goddess’ boots and shoes before Goddess ordered him to come under Her direct control. nuli had long made up his mind to contribute whole of his life to his great Goddess Ezada, even just for the chance of kissing Her boots for one time. So this slave lost the chance to lick Goddess’ boots, he will regret for it for whole of his life. But kind Goddess still gives him a new chance to clean Her toilet. This is also a grerat chance nuli strives for. nuli will lick and eat everything Goddess left in the toilet until the toilet is very clean for Goddess’ next use.

  2. Claus
    20.07.2017 @ 08:32

    O M G Lady Mistress Ezada, I do miss & long to see and feel You.
    Yours humble gentleman, wanna be maid butler, cook, slave object
    C – forHERpleasure

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