Picture of the week 29 2017 – Not worthy of worshiping My boots

leather ezada sinn face

Not worthy of worshiping My boots

I gave this slave the opportunity to be in My presence, to worship Me, to show Me his devotion, but he doesn’t seem to appreciate it. his dicklet is small and flaccid, and his boot worshiping, though executed correctly, lacks the passion I want to feel from him. Shouldn’t he be happy to be at My boots, licking the dirt off My soles? Even though I give him multiple chances, he still can’t prove he’s good enough to be in this place, that he deserves it. So maybe some whipping will stimulate him to do a better job, maybe a red burning ass will make him more enthusiastic. Because if not – I can always put him in the lowest position possible: as My toilet cleaning slave. Let’s see how he likes to live his life with his head in My tolet, licking it clean after every use and getting flushed over; maybe this will make him appreciate the position of boot cleaner that he has just lost.


Be glad to lick My soles or you’ll lick my toilet