1. pink poodle
    26.06.2016 @ 19:19

    Stapana mea,

    i thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog, an area of D/s which is so infrequently considered. i can most certainly identify with the feelings You describe. It is humbling to read Your feelings on this. i feel honoured to be in Your training my wonderful Owner.

    Te venerez,
    pudelul Tau

  2. horstie fm
    26.06.2016 @ 20:39

    Thank You, Goddess Ezada Sinn, You give us a better understanding of Your superb Female supremacy. There is no other Female domination like Yours in the world. You appreciate Your slaves cause they are totally addicted to You. Your Female domination is not just a session, an episode, even a business. It is Your real life. A slave and devotee whom You acknowledge as Your property can be very proud to belong to You.

    i adore Your Female wisdom of Your F/s relationships. i acknowledge Your intellectual superiority

  3. Dayjob Diablo
    27.06.2016 @ 00:09

    Being a submissive, and being a masochist, are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

  4. Ezada
    27.06.2016 @ 00:15

    Absolutely true. And that’s why a masochist (like My slave medor) was trained to accept and enjoy humiliation. It’s about pushing their limits in the direction I decid.

  5. Boel
    27.06.2016 @ 01:14

    Goddess …
    So nicely explained… its a pleasure to read your amazing writtings…

  6. sit - slave of Ezada
    27.06.2016 @ 02:26

    Buna Zeita si Stapana

    Love binds souls together, in times of sheer ecstasy or punishing cruelty. Love alone spawns forth a common core that we ascend to unimaginable heights. Being void of love, i can’t fathom how a relationship would do anything but falter and lay withering on the vine.

    Goddess, Your clarification of what love means to You in a D/s relationship, simply accelerates sit’s longing to abandon myself unconditionally in surrender at Your feet.

    The very apex an Owner and Her property might achieve is nullified without the common connection love blossoms forth. i have seen too many connections, D/s and even vanilla ones, in which the interchange is bi-directional yet flat. Worse it becomes one way or entirely severed and broken.

    The heightened spaces in which D/s roams, requires a three dimensional connection far exceeding the bounds of classical romantic love. i believe that is true for both parties involved. When D/s love unites the Domina and Her slave in the deepest moments of light and dark, when both have veered far off what others call normal; that is where the sweetest of D/s fruits lie.

    Goddess, it is those saccharine fruits that i care to ingest and sustain life from.
    Ascultător sit ta

  7. Ezada
    27.06.2016 @ 11:21

    I’m glad to heard you are following My blog.

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