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  1. nuli
    13.01.2017 @ 03:19

    i know i am Goddess Ezada’s humble slave, i am not entitled to kiss Her divine lips, i can only expect whip kisses and spit kisses from Her. i will be very grateful when She condescends to offer me such kisses, and such kisses make me feel like cumming, and when She orders me to eat my cum, i feel specially sensual. Only my supreme Goddess Ezada can make me have such feelings. She has absolute power over me.

  2. nuli
    13.01.2017 @ 03:40

    i bought the clip “From Spit to Cum”, which shows the miraculous curvy figure of Goddess Ezada and all Her elegant manners. i like it very much. And i bought all the clips in the above related post. They are very sensual and attracting you to an aesthetic and sexy world of Goddess Ezada.

  3. Working Bee
    11.02.2017 @ 19:15

    Yes, I want to lick it all up

  4. kyle james
    03.03.2017 @ 12:25

    can I worship ypur feet?My godness

  5. Brent Woodburn
    11.07.2017 @ 15:48

    YOU are beautiful and would request a session if possible. Are you available for forced queening and golden showers?

  6. Ezada
    14.07.2017 @ 19:26

    I am not available for private sessions.

  7. Men Rule
    17.07.2017 @ 03:10

    I pity the guys allowing average women in dominatrix gear pump them so high on lustful desires, they are pimped to do things they normally would never do in their right minds.

    Trapped by wild flames of lustful desires.

    Hopefully, one day you will be man enough to wake from the delusions you are suffering under, & regain control of your lives enough to realize the rightful place of men are as the head of the household.

    The fake imagery of women dominating the household is nothing but illusory fantasy, where somewhat average looking women take advantage of weak willed men & their wallets.


  8. Ezada
    17.07.2017 @ 11:46

    You do not understand the concept of consensual slavery and the dynamic of a Dominance/submission relationship or you are a just troll looking for attention.

  9. Pet of ezada
    22.08.2017 @ 01:49

    I understanding that my morning drinking water is Goddess’s spit and delicious bitch.

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