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  1. just a fan
    24.07.2016 @ 09:29

    It’s nice that you post movies with your husband also. It seemed that he had a privileged status…it would be great to see him swallowing cum from another slave

  2. Ezada
    26.07.2016 @ 16:26

    No. hubby is My alpha-slave. I use him as a bull for My other slaves. The hierarchy is clear.

  3. just a fan
    30.07.2016 @ 06:33

    that long hair doesn’t look too alpha.make him cut his hair, bald would be perfect. you could pee on his head

  4. Ezada
    30.07.2016 @ 20:46

    My slave, My rules. I decide how I want My slaves to look like. his long hair was My desire and I am very pleased with it.

  5. just a fan
    31.07.2016 @ 03:01


  6. Donald Ezadaslave
    13.12.2016 @ 19:58

    Oh Goddess EZADA,
    You are the goddess of all misstresses in the world.Your presence is so powerful.
    And I think all slaves will agree to this fact that when we see you.
    Their is only one goddess : Goddess EZADA. Thier is only one religion : EZADA sinn religion

  7. Ezada
    13.12.2016 @ 21:36

    donald, I am flattered. However your comment had to be edited.

  8. Donald Ezadaslave
    14.12.2016 @ 20:29

    Goddess since I have adopted my new religion SINNINSM
    Guide me goddess what should I do and practice each day to worship you.
    My supream Goddess EZADA.

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