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  1. foxy
    29.01.2022 @ 23:47

    If You allow me to humbly say, Ma’am, from my modest point of view, You are totally right, because long time ago i was really blessed since You gave me permission to submissively serve You from the distance by email, Ma’am and being in mental chastity for Your pleasure made me much more submissive and obedient to You, because i realized that Your desire was the only thing that mattered and being surrendered to it was my real pleasure, Ma’am.
    Please i humbly beg Your forgiveness if i expanded on my modest opinion too much, Ma’am.
    Modestly knelt at Your divine feet, Stapana
    submissive foxy

  2. mark
    01.03.2022 @ 01:05

    Yes Ms Ezada. True dominance and control doesn’t require a device.

  3. slave patrick
    07.03.2022 @ 22:29

    Happy International Woman’s Day, Goddess Ezada. This day is everyday to me. slave worships Women. Would never release slave goo without permission from a Woman. Women own me! Goddess Ezada is everything. slave belongs where You tell me. slave is an unknown Womanist!

  4. Mamita fifi
    27.06.2022 @ 09:17

    Yes oui my MISTRESS , I FEEL my task this year ,is to pleasure you much better ,than i did last year , to show you ,how much i have improve ,as your sissy slave, in obeying you ,worshiping you. Respecting you ,loving you. ,in admiratjon. My GODESS, A HAPPY MISTRESS MAKES A HAPPY SLAVE

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