1. pink poodle
    17.07.2016 @ 18:35

    The DIY version looks nasty Stapana me

  2. pink poodle
    17.07.2016 @ 22:21

    Stapana mea,

    i didn’t have the materials to hand so i improvised and made one with what i had available. It proved quite effective. i bought 10 of Your clips and followed Your instructions. It didn’t take very long before the spikes started to dig in, bringing rather sharp pain. i continued and was eventually able to achieve a ruined orgasm. i then had to wait for Your cock to go soft before it could remove it.

    i posted some pictures on fetlife here: fetlife.com/users/920831/pictures/50585878

    i hope my efforts will bring a smile to Your face.

    Your poodle

  3. Ezada
    18.07.2016 @ 10:09

    Good boy! I am pleased.

  4. Sissyletty
    19.07.2016 @ 12:38

    Mistress Ezada Sinn it was the must painfull task that i had until now.. The pain was very intense, watching your beauty and listen to your great voice, was the only way to finish the task. Thank you Mistress Ezada Sinn https://fetlife.com/users/3633984/pictures/50626522

  5. subbit
    20.07.2016 @ 07:25

    Dear Mistress Ezada,
    I designed a little different model of Ezadas’s teeth. I have used the rubber coating to fix the nails without any glue and more spikes. It looks beasty and so really is it. Of course I bought 8 of Your clips and try to follow Your instructions until the ruined orgasm. Hard work, more erection more pain follows. It took some time but suffering for You makes everything easier. I did it, painful and ruined. Thank You Mistress for this task! May I send picture and info.
    Submissive greetings

  6. Ezada
    20.07.2016 @ 21:49

    Good boy! I am going to send you an email to the address listed here.

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