poodle’s task from America

At the beginning of this year I visited the United Stated again, for 3 weeks. I highly enjoyed My trip to Nevada, Arizona and California, but since the trip involved many hours on the road, I decided to amuse Myself on the behalf of My slaves. 3 of My sissy boys received this kinky task. I enjoyed so much the humiliation My poodle endured, that I want to share it with you.

visiting the Death Valley


It does not matter how far away Goddess Ezada is, She imposes complete control over Her property. As Her slave one always has to be prepared to carry out Her tasks no matter what they are, or how complicated. When the task involves the opportunity for a release one knows there will be a catch. A release has to be earned by pain or humiliation. The task Goddess had sent would take 4 days to complete and a release was by no means guaranteed.

At the Clips4Sale booth at the AVN Entertainment Expo 2017, with My slave sit

Day One

The day begins with me putting on some panties, nice pink cotton ones. The first part of Goddess’ order. i must wear panties for the whole day, in the evening they will be my gag while i carry out the rest of the day’s instruction. The whole day at work all i can think about is that the panties i am wearing will be going in my mouth. Such thoughts certainly remind the slave of it’s place as Goddess’ property.

In the evening, having worn the panties for the whole day, i get started on Goddess’ task. Part 1, place the worn panties in my mouth. So humiliating, i cannot help but keep thinking of where they have been. Next i put on another pair of panties, a pink thong. Goddess instructed me they should be able to show up the precum well. Gagged and freshly pantied i begin the main part of the task, 30 minutes of teasing and edging. i begin with the clip with Goddess smothering me with Her red leather gloves. It doesn’t take long before i am at the edge, pulling myself back from cumming. By the end of the first clip the panties are already soaked with precum and there is still another 20 minutes to go. In the second clip Goddess demonstrates just how aroused leather makes Her. i tease myself along to the clip but, unlike Goddess, no cumming for me. Just a lot of precum and a lot of edging and frustration. By the end of the 30 minutes the panties are covered in precum and i am utterly frustrated and very very aroused.

The final part of the day’s task is to draw around the precum stains with a marker and send a picture to Goddess. i retire to sleep wearing the precum soaked panties as ordered by Goddess.

Visiting the Grand Canyon Park with slave sit. A candid picture.

Day Two

Waking on the morning of day 2 i am reminded of my task by the precum soaked panties. The precum has dried but it is a little humiliating to be wearing them. It is pleasant to remove them to prepare for work, but i know i will be wearing them again that evening.

The day’s task is similar to yesterdays, but with the addition of a butt plug. i must tease and edge myself for 30 minutes whilst wearing the butt plug. i take the biggest plug i own, lube it up and ease it in to my ass. It is big but feels like it goes in easily after experiencing Goddess’ horsie. i begin watching a clip with Goddess wearing a beautiful blue latex catsuit. It feels like Goddess is talking directly to me, teasing me. i get so so aroused, so close to the edge, but there can be no orgasm for me. Only frustration exists, and i must do a lot of teasing if i am to earn a release. i end up watching the clip again, such is the affect the clip has upon me.

Watching the next clip it is like Goddess is talking directly to me, except for one thing. In the clip the watched is instructed to cum in 10 strokes, but no cumming for me. It takes only a few strokes before i am on the edge, and so it continues. Edge after edge after edge. i lose count of how many times i pull myself back from the brink. By the end the precum mark is bigger than the day before. i mark the stain with the marker and send a picture to Goddess before going to sleep, yet again in the precum soaked panties.

visiting Las Vegas

Day Three

Day 3 begins with a feeling of déjà vu, i awake wearing the dried precum panties. They are a reminder of the task I must perform in the evening, if i needed one.

The task begins similarly to the day before, but, in addition to the butt plug, i must suck on a realistic dildo while teasing myself to Goddess’ clips. Once again i watch Goddess smothering me with Her red leather gloves. Remembering the helplessness in the monoglove, the teasing of my nipples and the struggle for breath under Goddess’ manipulation is so so arousing. Edge after edge after edge bring a huge amount of precum. The humiliation of the plug and dildo, combined with the clip pushes all the buttons Goddess wants.

The teasing and edging continues to a clip of Goddess pegging Her poodle. The memories of having my hole abused engender such feelings of submissiveness and at the same time arousal. This combination brings me to the edge multiple times, creating a huge puddle of precum in my pink panties. The day of edging and teasing ends with the precum marks even bigger than the day before. i mark the precum stains again and take a picture for Goddess. Going to sleep in the rather moist panties, i think about the final part of the task i will carry out the next day.

I had some lovely hot baths in Sedona, Arizona

Day Four

Day four, the day of reckoning. The reason for the marking of the precum stains is to establish what activity i must carry out. At the beginning of the task Goddess set the following conditions for day 4:

  1. precum marks have same size: i will be allowed to cum but with toothpaste for lube.
  2. precum marks bigger with every day: i will be allowed to cum using a toothbrush for stimulation.
  3. precum marks smaller every day – tease and denial with no cumming.
Visiting the beautiful San Diego

i have done enough for a release, but it will not be a pleasant one. There is no pleasure without pain for Goddess’ property. i begin watching Goddess clips and rub my cock with the toothbrush. As i become more and more aroused, the head of my cock becomes more and more sensitive. i can feel every bristle of the brush as I move it up and down the sensitive cock head. The pain of the brush keeps pulling me away from the edge. i find myself going through a cycle, arousal, pain, arousal, pain. i’m convinced i will be unable to achieve a release, every time i am close the pain from the brush on my sensitive cock head makes it slip away. i persist, the pain in my cock increasing. Despite the pain, the arousal is such that i reach an orgasm. It is a painful, frustrating orgasm, as a slave’s release always is.

i send pictures to Goddess and tell Her i managed to cum while brushing my cock. Goddess is pleased, so i am pleased. i go to sleep content at making my Owner happy.

Visiting Los Angeles – the Chinese Theatre