“What are male nipples for” a nipple training story by pink poodle

Why do males have nipples? They serve no purpose, or so i used to think. Not so now, Goddess Ezada has taught me the purpose of a males nipples. They exist for entertainment, Goddess’ entertainment of course. Entertainment which comes from torture and pain.


Goddess Ezada thoroughly enjoys torturing Her slave’s nipples, something which i discovered on our first meeting. i also learned that my nipples were too small for Goddess’ liking. Goddess’ slaves must have full, pert nipples, much better for teasing and torturing. How does one make one’s nipples bigger, regular training and torturing of course. So begins my daily routine of nipple training. i must train them at least twice a day, torturing and stretching them for the Goddess who owns me.


The nipples are a very sensitive part of the anatomy, to both pleasure and pain. At Goddess’ hands one will writhe in agony or frustrated arousal. When Goddess teases my nipples i become very aroused, usually while i am locked in a chastity cage. Suddenly Goddess will change to twisting, pinching and squeezing my nipples, making me writhe in pain. All done with a smile on Her beautiful face. This is what i must train myself for, to make this more enjoyable for Goddess.

my training starts with instructions to tease, twist and squeeze my nipples whenever i am on my own. This tends to arouse, but after a while i do notice my nipples looking bigger. This is just the start however, and it is no too long before my training is moved up a level.

Level 2 is the use of clothes pegs upon my nipples. Pegs make very good makeshift nipple clamps, they are designed for the express purpose of gripping. i do wonder if the inventor ever considered such a use for the design, perhaps that was the intention all along and others misinterpreted.


If you have never tried clamps or pegs on your nipples and wonder how it feels i will do my best to do the experience justice. Firstly, let me state the obvious, it hurts….a lot. However, you may find that pain can also come with arousal. The initial pain when one applies the pegs can be very intense. As the peg closes on the nipple it compresses it forcing the blood out of the area and creating the aforementioned pain. This does fade after a period, but beware, it returns with a vengeance when the clamps are removed and the blood rushes back in. Goddess loves to watch Her slave as She removes and re-applies nipple clamps, your pain will be readily visible as you grimace, gasp and writhe. Nipple clamps and chastity can create a torturous combination. There is pain from your nipples, but the sensations also bring arousal, this arousal will cause more pain from the chastity. In this state you will truly understand who controls you.

The next level of nipple training is to add weights to the pegs. Goddess wants bigger nipples, what better way than to stretch them. The weights pull on the nipples creating a new painful sensation. Wearing them as one moves is difficult, any movement causes the weights to move pulling and stretching your nipples more. Believe me, you will feel it, it will hurt. Despite this, i welcome the pain i cause myself in service to Goddess Ezada. After the pegs with weights come some alligator clamps. These also come with a chain attaching them, much easier for attaching weights (how fortunate). The sensations caused by these are very similar to the pegs, but the pressure is adjustable to make the sensations more intense.

whipping nipples training Ezada Sinn femdom

Every morning the day is started with the attaching of the nipple clamps. Believe me, this works far better than coffee at waking one up in the morning. The clamps are removed and re-applied regularly to ensure maximum pain is endured. i usually endure an hour of training in the morning before starting my day. The day will end in a very similar vein.

Is it possible to become addicted to nipple training? If so, i think i may be. Whenever i am on my own i feel almost naked without the clamps and feel the need to apply them and welcome the pain. i believe i have become conditioned to identify the pain with the connection to the Goddess who owns me.


So, here i am 6 months after my first meeting with Goddess Ezada Sinn. i definitely have fuller perkier nipples. Soon i will be meeting Goddess again, i look forward to seeing if She enjoys torturing them more. i welcome the pain if it will bring Goddess a smile.

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