Picture of the week 37 2016 – The taste of My Domina kiss


I know this slave desires Me, worships Me, is aroused by Me. he is enticed by My soft, plump red lips, imagining their texture and taste, having an ultimate dream of kissing them someday. But I don’t think he deserves to feel the touch of My lips, he is just a slave, and no matter how much he wishes it, he will never get to kiss Me; he is just too pathetic. Yet he can have a taste of My mouth through a Domina kiss – by tasting My spit. It is one of the most intimate things he can get, and I know it arouses him, I can see it. Mummified, lying flat on the floor, he can’t move to catch My saliva, he can only hope I will spit right in his wide open mouth.

The taste of My Domina kiss