Sin Search Interview

Mistress Ezada Sinn in total control

Please introduce yourself

My stage name is Ezada Sinn. I am a 30 years old lifestyle / pro Domina from Romania.

When did you first realize you were into kink?

I first realized that my erotic interests are categorized as BDSM in 2005, when I discovered an on-line dating site dedicated to people from the fetish / BDSM community, and seeing their banner I realized I’m irresistibly attracted to the image (I don’t remember the exact image, but it involved restraints). But, since I now know what kink is, I realize that I had BDSM fantasies (which I didn’t know how to define) before I even started my sex life.

How long have you been a professional dominatrix and how did you get started?

I wished so much to go to OWK (the Other World Kingdom, in the Czech Republic), so in the beginning of 2009 I wrote them an email to see how I could get there to supervise and administer punishments to the slaves in the jail, and attached a couple photos to that email. I shortly received an answer, in which I was invited to stay for free at OWK as long as I am willing to participate in video shootings, an offer that I accepted. After the movies were released I started receiving very many emails from submissive men, who wanted to serve me. At first I was reluctant to have domination sessions for a tribute, but later, after talking to other pro dominas I realized that by becoming a professional dominatrix I could give up my job, which was ok, but not fantastic, and dedicate all my time to my passion for BDSM and at the same time afford all these gorgeous fetish outfits, expensive SM toys, having my own SM studio and travelling all around the world.

How do you prefer sub/slaves to address you?

Submissive men should address to me as Lady, Madam or Doamna (Romanian for Madam). My slaves should address to me as Mistress or Stapana (Romanian for Mistress).

Mistress Ezada Sinn using a slave as a foot rest

Are you a sensual or sadistic Mistress?

I am, first of all, a sensual domina.  I like to use the power of my femininity to turn men into objects for my use. But I like to see my subjects crawl and suffer for my pleasure, so most times I can be very cruel and sadistic. I could say that what attracts me mostly to femdom is domination – the absolute power that I can have over a man. And in order for me to feel that my slave is totally dedicated to me, he has to go through cruel humiliation and severe pain.

Where are you based?

I am based in Bucharest, Romania, and my private studio is here, but I travel a lot, especially in Europe to meet my slaves.

Where do your sessions take place? In a dungeon or domestic environment?

I can enjoy having sessions both in a dungeon and in a domestic environment; in order to dominate a man I need only my wicked mind. Yet, it depends a lot on the one that serves me: with masochists I prefer to have sessions in a dungeon, to be able to restrain them easily, but for humiliation I always prefer a domestic environment.

Do you travel/visit the UK often or was the Femme Fatale shoot a one off?

I travel to UK about two times a year, but I wish to do it more often, because the London fetish scene is my favourite  I like to participate at parties organized by Club Pedestal. Otherwise, I am interested in finding a personal servant from London.

What activities do you enjoy? And which are your favourites?

My all-time favourite is orgasm control. This includes chastity, tease and denial, milking – controlling a man’s orgasms makes me feel that he is there for my pleasure and not his. This is the first rule that a man that wishes to become my slave should know and accept. I also adore training and protocol, corporal punishments and discipline, bondage (I have an affinity for predicament bondage), imprisonment, pony play, strap-on play, face sitting and smothering, sissification, feet and shoes worship. I am also a fetishist, I like to wear high heels, leather and latex.

Do you have a favourite implement to punish a naughty bottom with?

My short single-tail is definitely my favourite  but I also like to use the belt, which can be available even when I don’t have a whip with me.

Mistress Ezada Sinn and her singletail whip

What was your first experience of dominating a male?

Back in 2002 I was cuckolding and humiliating the boyfriend I had at that time, though I had no idea that was called dominating, I just enjoyed very much that although he saw me with other men, he could not object as he was completely under my control.

Do you work with other Dommes in double/triple domination scenes?

I enjoy very much multiple domination scenes with several slaves and/or several dominas. When I travel abroad I look for pro dommes in the area that I travel to; in Bucharest I usually invite my dominant lady friends.  I just love to lend my slaves to other women like objects and watch them have fun using them.

What can a client expect from you in his first visit?

In the first session I like to teach them the protocol (how to address to me, positions, etc.) and what I expect from them as my slaves, but, obviously, what happens during the sessions varies depending on the sub and on my mood. They can be sure of one thing, though: that their orgasm is not a certainty, they must earn it.

What is your speciality?

My speciality is Total Power Exchange.

What has been your favourite session so far?

I have had so many wonderful sessions that it is hard to pick one, but the one that comes to my mind now is a three-day session in which I was served by my personal slave and another slave with which I had a total power exchange for the duration of those three days. I recall the pleasure of being pampered by both of them, one brushing my hair and the other giving me a foot massage, helping me then to put on the fetish outfit and then using them both for my sadistic pleasures (especially the double predicament bondage).

What has been the most unusual request you’ve had?

I have classic femdom fantasies and am not interested in extreme things, but I have had several bizarre requests, which I obviously did not even consider, like men that wanted to be castrated by me and even one that expressed his wish to be killed by me, arguing that he will die sometimes anyway, so he would prefer to do it with his last image being of a beautiful woman with a sparkle in her eyes when she kills him. I like to believe that these are just fantasies that nobody wants to really fulfil.

Mistress Ezada Sinn wearing a huge strapon cock

Do you use safe words or prefer to work without them?

I don’t use safe words. I watch my subjects carefully and, with the help of my experience, can realize how far they can go. Most of my sessions are with my long term slaves, and I know how much I can stretch their limits. Of course, if a submissive wants to use safe words – it is possible to do so, but I think his experiences are more intense when he submits to me completely without a panic button.

What separates a good client/slave from a bad one?

A good slave is that one that puts my pleasure above his, respects my time and is grateful to be under my feet. A bad client is the one that cares only about his pleasure, the one that tries to get as much as possible, offering as little as possible. I don’t like to ask for a tribute, I like it to be offered to me, and am disgusted by men that pretend to forget to give it to me or try to negotiate it.

Which clubs do you attend? Are there any special events you’ll be attending?

I like femdom clubs, my favourite is Club Pedestal in London. I gladly attend any fetish/SM event, accompanied by my servants.

What is your favourite fetish wear outfit?

High-heel boots, short leather skirt and corset.

Does BDSM extend into your personal relationships?

My life partner is one of my personal servants. I have no interest in vanilla relationships of any kind. Most of my friends are kink aware or even members of the BDSM community.

What advice can you give someone who wants to become a professional dominatrix?

Try to assist other pro dominas during their sessions and learn from them and also to have as many non-pro sessions with different subs, for experience.

Do you have a web site?

My website is I update the content at least weekly with a picture, and will soon have short video clips too. I also plan to launch a new site with femdom clips in a few months.

What is proper slave protocol for someone about to contact you and/or sessioning with you?

Enters my website, uses my contact form, writes me about himself and his expectations from a session with me, respectfully and concise. I have a FetLife account but the messages received there or on similar websites can be overlooked because of how many I get.

How do subs/slaves contact you?

Through the contact form on my website.

a sub worshiping Mistress Ezada Sinn