Locked in metal – Red Chily sissy cage review by pink poodle

For three years i have been in chastity under the control of Goddess Ezada Sinn. Until recently, i was locked in a small pink silicon device. Whilst this was a very good device and a reasonable fit, it was not a perfect fit and not so good for long term wear. i knew Stapana preferred Her property to be locked in metal and wondered if She would decide upon that for me. Five months ago, it happened, Stapana ordered me to purchase a custom-made steel device from Red Chili Chastity. The device was to be the aptly name Sissy Cage with the screw locking system, it’s designed to be very discreet and is very well priced at less than £300.

Receiving the device, i must say how impressed i was with the workmanship. Examining the device i could see how well it was finished, i was delighted to find the inside of the device to be perfectly smooth with no rough edges to cause any problems. The device locking system is straight forward, discreet (due to the lack of need for a padlock) & comes with a pretty key. i could only hope it was as good to wear as it was to look at. Fortunately, the device arrived the day before i flew to visit Stapana, so the first time i would wear it would be when She locked me in it.

The moment of truth………… naked in front of Stapana as She holds the device in Her hands enjoying the thought of locking my (Her) cock in metal. First the ring; pop, one ball goes through; pop, the other ball is through; it’s a tighter fit as Stapana pushes my cock through, but without much difficulty the ring is behind the cock and balls. The ring is tight but not uncomfortable in the slightest, but even now i can tell this will be restrictive once aroused. Stage 2, the caging; it’s a simple process as Stapana pushes my cock into the cage and places it upon the guide pins on the cock ring. Stage 3, the locking; the moment Stapana enjoys the most, using Her pretty heart-shaped key She tightens the locking screw. Such a simple process and poodle is locked for the foreseeable future. No pleasure for this poodle unless Stapana decides. Looking down it is strange to see my cock behind bars. i am used to being locked in chastity, but this is different; it fits so perfectly, rather like a tight glove one cannot take off. my cock is small, but the device makes it look tiny, something which delights Stapana.


It’s now been 3 weeks of being locked, only removing it once a week to enable a shaving before immediately locking the device back on. It’s an interesting experience having a piece of metal hanging from one’s groin. Whilst flaccid is not uncomfortable at all, but one cannot forget it is there, a constant and reassuring reminder of Stapana’s ownership. It is invisible under my vanilla clothes, meaning it can be worn at work with no problem. The device is very secure, whilst the space between the bars allows plenty of breathing space, they don’t allow anything to escape. The prefect fitting of the cock ring and the shape of the device combine to make me believe there is no way i could remove this without the key. The spacing of the bars also means this device is very good for cleaning, meaning it can remain locked on for the long term without a problem.

Sleeping with the device; one of the biggest problems i found with chastity devices in the past was sleeping. Often it was uncomfortable to lie in certain positions, i prefer to sleep lying face down which can be problematic with an imperfect fitting device. There are no such problems with this device. Waking up aroused is a different matter, however, as the next paragraph will explain.

How does it feel when aroused; i’m sure this is the part of most interest. From the first fitting of the device i got the feeling that erections in the device may be somewhat uncomfortable, and i soon found out. Everyone knows how much Stapana likes to tease Her property and, can there be any moment She would enjoy more than when She has just locked it in a new chastity device. It doesn’t take much of Her teasing for the device to bite. First, it’s like the ring is shrinking, i feel it tighten and tighten, just how small is it going to get? Is it a castration device? Of course not, but it’s feeling very tight. The next thing to make themselves felt are the bars of the cage. As the cock inflates, they press against the cock, making things very uncomfortable, not excruciatingly painful, but enough to make you wish the arousal would go away. As the restriction of the ring bites, the balls begin to ache, again not excruciating, but it’s certainly uncomfortable. The final thing that i realise, the tightness of the cock ring means the erection does not subside quickly. Imagine then, how this feels in the morning after dreaming of Stapana……

So, now my cock is imprisoned in metal, in a device which is easy to wear all the time but seriously discourages any form of erection. This is just as Stapana likes it, and i don’t think it’s coming off any time soon.