Rituals and protocols: washing My hosiery

I created certain rituals for many of the every day chores that My chattels must perform. This will not only establish a good control over how I want things to be done, but also will enhance his desire to submit by remembering why he must be a good servant for Me. This is the ritual of washing My hosiery, performed by sit, one of My chattels.

If you are part of my harem you must learn how to perform this ritual to perfection.

you will need: warm water, cold water, sensitive liquid detergent suitable for silk and wool.

Step 1: the pantyhose must be taken out of the bag and sort by color

Step 2: each pair must be kissed and the Mantra must be said once, before each pair is placed in its own pile

Step 3: the sensitive detergent is mixed with the warm water

Step 4: light colored hosiery is placed in the basin and gently washed by hand

Step 5: the hosiery (drained by water) is rinse in the cold water

Step 6: the hosiery is placed to dry if possible outside, away from direct sunlight or on clean towels

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