Polyandry Utopia in the Making

Nanshakh - Polyandry utopia Mistress Ezada
Photo published with permission from Nanshakh. For more great femdom art visit www.Nanshakh.com

People often ask Me about My thoughts on the ideal lifestyle. In fact I have a real strong opinion about that and I am thoroughly in the process of realizing it: Polyandry. It stands before My inner eyes so clearly that I sometimes think it has already become reality. You do not know what Polyandry is at all? Well then just carry on reading and find out:

As of now I am looking for the right house somewhere outside of Bucharest. Not too far away from the city center of My beloved hometown but on the other hand just a little bit remote in a nice and peaceful surrounding. I am looking for an estate big enough to house Me and My harem. Yes, My harem. This will be three to four of My personal slaves. Slaves who have over years in My service earned the honor and shown enough conviction to live under the same roof with Me. They will be prepared to live the lives of intelligent dogs with Me. Obedient to their Mistress, drilled by their Mistress, fed by their Mistress, punished by their Mistress.

The house will have three floors and definitely need a cellar. Once found, the house will surely require some modifications to be carried out before it is fit for the special purposes I envisage. I will explain the house floor by floor but first of all I will describe what will be consistent throughout the whole house:

Every room will have a wooden rack holding a variety of whips and crops for My choice. The rack will be positioned in a way so that it is visible from every spot in the room. So regardless of the whereabouts, My symbol of power will always be apparent to everybody, inhabitant or visitor, and it will only be a matter of seconds for Me to make use of it. Then there will be a piece of furniture called “holder” in every room. This is a simple steel structure that will have metal shells to hold both forearms and lower legs of a slave kneeling in the holder on all fours. By locking a slave in the holder I can make sure that he exactly stays in his position without the possibility to move. So this will give Me the opportunity to immediatley use the slave as a bench or footstool or to simply immobilize him wherever I am in the house.

Apart from these identical fittings, all the floors will be very different:

The relevance of the cellar is obvious. Everybody who has ever come across BDSM knows what a soundproof cellar is good for. I will not only need some space for wine, food and gardening tools but mostly for a really dungeon. A dungeon like the ones so wonderfully depicted by the great Nanshakh on many of his paintings. Humid stone walls, steel bars, iron rings for the massive shackles, a small wooden bed attached to the wall. You sure know what I am talking about. The dungeon will always be there as a constant threat to My slaves, awaiting them for days, weeks or even months of imprisonment if found guilty for misconduct by their Mistress`s verdict.

The ground floor then will house the public rooms for Me, My slaves and visiting guests. Even though this will be the most “public” and thus normal area of the house, every detail of the rooms will speak a clear language about the two classes of inhabitants. The huge dining table will have one end of polished precious wood and one end of raw timber. The table will be completed by just one comfortable cushioned armchair for the Lady of the house positioned at the shining end of the table and primitive rough wooden stools for each of the slaves. For guests, there will of course be enough convenient seating accommodation stored somewhere in the big cellar but My slaves will only bring those seats up for the occasion. When W/we eat, there will be just one nice place setting of white china, linen napkin and silver cutlery for Me but several cheap tin plates with wooden spoons or maybe even only dog bowls for the slaves. You will notice this special type of mixed furniture throughout the ground floor. One piece of abounding luxury only amidst obvious simplicity. However as it will all be picked carefully, it shall of course nicely fit together so not to disturb My discerning eyes. The precious wood for example used for My own furniture will be the same throughout the whole house. From every whip rack to My queen-size bed. So My place will always be very easy recognizable at first sight.

The first floor will be reserved for the private rooms of the Mistress. It will be secured against the generous staircase with a massive door, again made of that same wonderfully polished wood, and that door will always be kept securely locked. Needless to say that there will only be one key for that door and that I will be the one in possession of the key. Every room and corner in the first floor will be just beautifully decorated, wonderful carpets and handmade furniture in My favorite colors. There will be special wardrobes for My shoes and boots, My fetish clothing, My vanilla attire, all made of that special wood again. Of course there will also be a central air conditioning in the Mistress floor, always maintaining a decent temperature during hot Romanian summers and our icy winters. My floor will have a private living room for Me, a big bathroom, a dressing room all centered around the Mistress bedroom. And the center of the Mistress bedroom will be a huge bed, especially built for that room, positioned on a platform. The bed will have a lush mink fur cover and its position will be right in the center of the house, in fact the spatial and spiritual center of the house will exactly be the spot of My pillow.

As I said the bed will be huge, so that several people could (theoretically) comfortably sleep in it. But the Mistress`s bed will not be the only place that will be prepared to host somebody for the night. The platform on which the bed rests will be a low cage at the same time, complete with iron bars and curtains that I might use to hide the content of the cage and also to prevent the inmate from watching what goes on behind the guarding bars.

For even less male nightly convenience there will be a St. Andrews cross attached to the wall directly opposite the bed, lit brightly by a spotlight, everything just perfectly prepared so that I can comfortably watch that scenery from My luscious fur and silk bedding.

The top floor will not be a full floor like the other ones but rather a low ceilinged attic under the roof. Not very well insulated. Quite hot during the summer but in return rather cold in winter. This floor will have the slaves rooms in it. It will appear as if in a different world compared to the Mistress floor, everything so mean and primitive. There will be one small room for every slave with no door and just the absolutely necessary furniture in it: A small single bed, a chair, a table and a cupboard. The slaves will not need much space anyway because they will not have any personal property they have to bother about. I have seen monks cells in French monastries that have given Me wonderful inspiration for the slaves rooms. Instead of the cross on the wall My painted picture in a beautiful frame will however be the only but sufficient decoration of the room.

The furniture in their rooms will be made of raw lumber, the same material used for their part of the dining room. Each bed will be fitted with broad leather straps that can be used to immobilize the slave. I found these to be very useful as a means for punishment and also to avoid unneeded movements of My attacking whips target.

The slaves will share one bathroom with a shower but no hot tub, cold water only in the shower. The toilet will not be separated at all but placed right in the middle of the bathroom. The bathroom will not be equipped with a door but open to the hallway, so that the toilet will be perfectly right in the view of everybody passing by. The message is clear: There will be no privacy for a slave, never.

As you see from My detailed description I really have planned the house already to the last detail and I absolutely loved to do so. But the house itself is really secondary. It is only the casing. What is much more important than the house and its facilities is the life and relationship of the people filling the house with life. My life and that of My slaves.

There will be quite a few laws, procedures and rituals governing the life in the house and the slaves will know of all them precisely by heart. I absolutely believe in the need of clear rules to control male behavior. Every slave will wear an electric cock ring linked to a remote control in My hands. So it will be possible to reach and “address” each slave individually or all of them simultaneously regardless of where they might be at the time, presumably working somewhere in or around the mansion.

There will be one electric signal for “Mistress entering or leaving the house” for example. On reception of that signal, meaning, being hit by the respective electric shock in their groins, the slaves will have to rush to the entrance hall and await My arrival in waiting position at a designated spot assigned to them. Sometimes I might use that signal just for fun, just to agitate Myself by the sight of My slaves kneeling in expectation of My appearance, remaining there motionless on the cold marble tiles heads down, palms up, staying like this for hours until My command finally allows them to move again …

Apart from the nights when I am not in a good mood or really extremely tired for whatever reason, I will pick a slave to accompany Me to My bedroom. I do not really like to spend the night alone.

Depending on My current level of grace the lucky slave in My company will then spend the night standing, tied to the St. Andrews cross or lying in the cage under My bed or, if he is really lucky, allowed to My huge bed, sleeping at My feet like a well-trained puppy. And he will then tirelessly lick My feet, their soles, the toes, caught in grateful admiration of the Goddess.

I know how jealous My other slaves will then be once they return to their shady bedrooms alone. I will surely play with that jealousy to even more intensify it, to really make sure that the others spend the night in their beds sleepless burning with their insatiable desire for Me. From time to time I will even invite an outsider to My rooms overnight so that the slaves will rest in agony terrified by the prospect of a new competitor who might become the new favorite of their beloved Goddess. Their life shall never be fulfillment, it shall always be craving. Hunger. Thirst. Longing. You do not climb high mountains when you are full up. You only do that hungry.

So the slaves life will not at all be easy. It will be hard work, gardening, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, preparing the meals. Just simply taking care of everything there is to do. And doing that just perfectly … It will be humiliation, presented as dogs on My leash to My guests, stowed away in the kennel when the ladyship sits down for dinner. … It will be punishment, whipping and caning for the slightest sign of disobedience and lacking that even just for My pleasure.

But most of all: Their life will really circle around Me, My wishes, My pleasure. Not because I tell them so, not because of their fear of the ferocious bites of My whip, not because of the horrors of the eternal lonely darkness waiting in the cellar´s dungeon. They will do so out of love and affection for Me. And yes, I will love them in return for their love and devotion even though most people would not be able to recognize that love. This love and submission of My slaves will really be the rock and foundation that My house will be built upon.

I think every man wants to be the only one for the woman he loves. Accepting the presence of other men, who can be as important as him for the woman is an unmistakable proof of his intense love and submission. It is a behavior unnatural for a male, just like abstinence or being penetrated – but he is changed because SHE wants it and he wants to please HER and puts HER pleasure above his instinctual need to penetrate, to put his seed in as many females as he is able to conquer.

There will be four little rooms in the mansard of the house. I am already quite sure about the inhabitants of two of them. There is a promising candidate for the third one, but I ain´t sure yet. Well, even if he should make it, there is still one vacant room left.

Photo published with the permission of Nanshakh. For more great art visit Nanshakh Female Domination Art.