A blog to follow: BDSM-couple.com

For some months I am exchanging emails with Miss M., a lovely lifestyle Domina. She runs an interesting blog, BDSM-couple.com, where She shares Her kinky experiences as Owner of Her husband, slave p.

She shares lots of My preferences (long term chastity, oral servitude, regular corporal punishments, daily tasks etc) and I can’t tell you how much pleases Me to see that more and more FLR couples decide to share their lifestyle on the Internet. Female Led Relationships are the best between married couples. The male is truly controlled and useful when he lives very close to his Owner and loves his Owner.

I find their blog as an inspiration for those curious about Female Led lifestyle . Anyone can live a fulfilling Female Led Relationship. All you need is a bit of confidence, a lot of negotiation and a desire to explore. A Female Led Relationship will not happen over night. It takes time and effort but believe Me, it is very fulfilling! As Miss M. told Me, lost of males are looking for a Lady who already discovered the benefits of Female Led Relationships to take control over them (and that’s ok) but take in consideration that for every Dominant Lady out there are hundreds of males willing to submit. Maybe is better to be inspired by other lifestyle couples and try to talk with your partner. She/he may be interested to experience BDSM and, why not, a FLR, in time.

Read their blog and follow them on Twitter.