How to Choose the Right Chastity Device

If you know anything at all about Me and My Femdom beliefs, then you should be keenly aware of My penchant for implementing serious male chastity training with My trainees and slaves.  I have three fundamentals that a male must abide by if he wishes to be even be considered as a possible candidate for collaring.  The second of My triad is that stark realization that My slave will be permanently locked in chastity under My absolute control, so that all his sexual impulses are reprogrammed to serve Me instead of his own self-gratification.

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While a chastity device prevents masturbation and ejaculation, to Me that is of secondary concern. My prime motivation is the singular consequence that the device creates a firm and ever vigil reminder of My dominance over the him the male slave.  The chastity device helps ingrain the sacred principle that I now control and own his manhood, his sexual pleasure, his orgasmic explosions, in short his cock, balls, body and mind belong to Me and Me alone.
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If you are a novice and this is your first device, the sea of possibilities is wide and cavernous.  I recommend a classic yet affordable model to see whether you are really into orgasm control.  Two devices that fit My criteria are:
Both are sold with multiple cock ring sizes, thus allowing you to choose one that fits properly. Multiple rings allow the slave to change size based on experiences over time.  When you start to wear the device begin with a slightly larger ring and go down a size every time a ball or cock slips out of the chastity. The size of the ring is most important.  If it’s too large one of your balls will pop out, if it’s too tight it will cut your blood circulation, you may have problems with retention fluid as well.
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I will also mention a third device that has peaked My interest of late, yet requires you to pick a single cock ring size when ordering  The Holy Trainer 2 has garnished wonderful reviews for long term imprisonment and comfort.
Holy Trainer 2
If you are unsure of your ring size you can purchase from MatureMetal, a package of nine sizing rings that will help you guesstimate your correct size.
Mature Metal Plastic Sizing Rings
There is a second measurement you MUST take accurately to determine the best cage size to fit your worthless penis. Measure yourself when flaccid and at your smallest. This does not mean “SHRIVELED UP,” so it’s important to understand the difference.  Note, wait 2 hours after showering or being immersed in water before taking any measurements.  To determine cock length, measures under and at the base of the penis where it meets the testicles and measure to the tip of the penis. Then take your shortest measurement and subtract anywhere from 1/4” to 1/2.”
Most slaves new to chastity, have a tendency to purchase a cock cage that is way too long for their flaccid penis.  You will not hurt yourself with a shorter cage. Many long term chastity practitioners prefer extreme short cages for overall erection comfort.
Here are some helpful online resources for sizing:
I strongly recommend to error on the small side of the equation. Oversized cock cages can actually be more painful during nocturnal erections. you should begin by wearing the chastity for increasing amounts of time: one hour, several hours, over the night etc. Slowly building to a point where wearing the device for extended periods of time becomes common place.
Again, most common mistakes in size ordering of a chastity are:
        1) Penis cage too Long
        2) Cock base ring too Small
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You are giving up control to your key holder, or possibly Me, yet many chastity devices are easily escapable.  Many serious chastity practitioners consider a Prince Albert piercing as a more secure method to prevent a chastity escape.
Again, these novice devices are made from plastics, bio-resins, and medical grade silicon.  Personally My singular preference is a male in chastity confined by cold, hard, unforgiving metal steel.  My collared slave sit owns a SteelWerks Extreme, Tiffany model and both I his Owner, and he, My property are very satisfied with the result.  At least I am totally satisfied, as there are days sit might beg to differ (wide Mistress grin).  However expect to pay a little fortune for it.
Read slave sit’s Tumblr blog post detailing My preference for steel chastity devices.
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My slaves eventually come to point of understanding that successful chastity training encapsulates both real time physical and mental chastity.  Yes, you are locked up and I hold the key, still you must always respect and destroy any mental urge to pull-out cheat or masturbate yourself to an orgasm. I and I alone, control Your sexual impulses. I set the schedule to remove and clean the device. I decide when you are permitted to touch and play with yourself. Only I can grant you a ruined orgasm or a simple unfulfilling prostate milking. Thus slave, when in chastity under Me as your Goddess, you give up all rights of fulfilling any personal sexual gratification.
To close, I see no real point in wearing a chastity device without having a key holder. The best arrangement is to have your life partner take control but if she doesn’t exist, or she isn’t interested in orgasm control you can always apply for distance orgasm control training under My strict supervision.
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