The 3 interaction modes in Female Led Relationships [Matriarchal mannerism with practical examples]

I am using formal interaction modes for over 10 years although back then I had different names for each one. The idea came from discussing with good friend of Mine, Mistress Luna, who helped Me prepared for My first long term meeting with a boy that I met while filming at OWK.

The dynamic between a Lady and Her subject differs depending of many factors: privacy, mood etc I believe most Ladies are using them already but without including them formally in the training. I consider that formal rules will help a chattel be a better servant, therefore these interaction modes are part of basic training for each chattel before he gets to serve Me in person.

1. Basic Mode – for when in public or an audience that is not kink aware

2. Service mode – for when in private or with an audience that is kink aware

3. Play mode – during the play sessions or in privacy, any time I am in the mood for it.

I hope with this video to inspire fellow Ladies and to help males to become better servants. If you found it useful please share it with your community.