Masturbation marathon by pink poodle

When one belongs to Goddess Ezada Sinn one accepts that orgasms, ruined or real, are few and far between. So how does one react when a task from Goddess requires one to cum? Well, imagine visiting your family and receiving the following order “when you will get back home, between Christmas and new year try to achieve 80 ruined orgasms”. This would mean 80 ruined orgasms in 5 days, an average of 16 per day!! A masturbation marathon.

Flabbergasted doesn’t quite cover it, how does one react to such an order? Dear reader, does this sound like an easy task? My immediate thought was, i can’t achieve this. The enormity of the undertaking sounded way out of reach. However, not trying was not an option. It was a task for my Owner, so there is no alternative but to try my very hardest. i would have 3 days to contemplate the task before i must begin, 3 days of trying to devise a “strategy” for achieving Goddess’ task.

Day One

The first day begins with me still visiting my family, but all the time only Goddess’ task in my mind. i wouldn’t be home until the evening giving 5-6 hours of “marathon time”. In order to achieve my daily average I would need to manage 3-4 ruined orgasms an hour. First order of business, buy some lube, i feel it will be needed.

Arriving home i think about my mammoth task, how best to achieve 16 orgasms in one evening!! i decide to try hard and fast, with breaks to replenish energy and obviously Goddess’ clips as inspiration. It begins well, watching one of my favourite of Goddess in blue latex training Her sissy to take Her cock. Rubbing furiously i manage 4 ruined orgasms, a quarter of the way to the days target. This might just be achievable, i begin to think. Oh too early, it takes 2 more clips and over half an hour to achieve another 4 ruined orgasms. The last one very very difficult and just a trickle coming out. i am exhausted and empty, a break is needed to replenish energy and hopefully the balls will refill. Just an hour has gone, there are still 72 more to achieve, i begin to realise what a task this really is.

After a 2 hour break to replenish the marathon resumes. Aroused by Goddess’ clips, the first ruined orgasm comes easily, but it is not long before it becomes a struggle again. Each orgasm more difficult than the last, as i masturbate i feel the arousal build and yet the orgasm keeps just out of reach. 10, 11, 12 and 13 are achieved with difficulty, the final one just a dribble. i end the day tired, frustrated and locked in chastity….there are still 67 more ruined orgasms to achieve. The next four days will be hard.

latex strapon pegging

Day Two

Awaking on the morning of my second day my mind comes back to the task at hand. Back to the marathon before getting ready for work. i switch one of my favourite of Goddess’ facesitting clips and get to the task. i wank and i wank but, despite many false dawns, it is a real struggle. After an hour i have achieved only 2 more ruined orgasms, still 65 more to go!! i lock myself back into chastity and begin wonder how on earth i am going to achieve this as i get ready for work.

Returning home from work i set back to the task. Unlocking the chastity and fetching the lube i switch on one of Goddess’ clips. i begin to rub my cock, gradually bringing it to erection. i tease the head, bringing a deep arousal and getting close to the edge. i increase the speed, wanking harder and harder. It doesn’t take long before i reach another ruined orgasm, a release but no pleasure. The next hour continues in the same vein, aroused by Goddess’ clips i manage to reach 5 ruined orgasms. Tired and in need of food and time for my balls to refill, i take a break. A lot more needed this evening if i am to catch up.

After the break, it is back to the task again. The lube comes out and Goddess’ clips restart, 60 more left and i want 9 more before the day ends. Wank, wank, wank, Goddess’ task is all that exists for me, nothing else matters. 2 clips later, 3 more ruined orgasms. So frustrated, lots of releases but no pleasure for poodle. Another clip, 2 more orgasms, must keep going. i continue rubbing my cock, thinking only of achieving my Goddess’ task, desperate not to fail. The day ends with 14 ruined orgasms, still 53 needed, and a very sensitive cock.

Day 3

Day 3 begins and i am surprised to find myself waking with an erection in my chastity device. i begin to think about what i have to achieve. 53 more ruined orgasms in 3 days, that’s more than 17 per day. Best get to the task, i have an hour before getting ready for work. i realise “fast and hard” is not going to work. i decide to change strategy to keeping a steady rhythm, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Starting at a slow speed i tease myself to the edge of orgasm. i increase the speed, putting special attention on my so so sensitive cock head. Arousal build until i can feel the orgasm coming, the pressure builds and builds. Just as i feel the orgasm i let go, out spills the cum in a frustrating ruined orgasm. After an hour i have achieved 3 ruined orgasms and several dry orgasms, i feel the pressure of orgasm but nothing comes out and the orgasm slips away.

Getting home i get straight back to it, i can’t get any further behind. The first stretch goes well, i achieve 5 ruined orgasms but my cock is becoming very very sensitive. i begin to feel like the arousal and frustration will drive me mad. It is like constant post orgasmic torture. Goddess demands more and, after a brief break, i keep going achieving another 4 ruined orgasms. my cock is beginning to suffer now, despite using copious amounts of lube the head is being rubbed raw by the constant masturbation. It stings as i apply lube to my cock. After another short break i try for more, but my balls are beginning to feel empty and orgasms are hard to come by. i manage just 2 more before having to end for the day exhausted and empty. i hav e managed 14, I haven’t managed my daily average in any of the days so far. i still have 39 to achieve in 2 days, this is beginning to feel impossible.

Day 4

i awake and it is beginning to feel like Groundhog Day. Wank, work, wank, sleep, wank, work, wank sleep. After greeting my Owner i get back to my task. my cock is sensitive and sore, but i have to keep going. This is a big day, i need a lot of ruined orgasms if i am to make it. i have to pace myself, otherwise i fear i will break my cock. i stroke and tease myself to an erection, stroking the sensitive head of cock. It doesn’t take long to reach the edge of orgasm, a little more and i pull my hand away ruining my own orgasm yet again. Oh how frustrating to be allowed to stroke oneself but never the sweet pleasure of a real orgasm. i manage 5 frustrating and slightly painful ruined orgasms before getting ready for work.

An early finish from work, thank Goddess, more time for my task. It is the only thing on my mind, i am like a mindless wanking robot. Wank, wank, wank, it is all that exists for me. i put on more of Goddess’ clips and begin my work, “just” 34 more needed before the end of tomorrow. my cock doesn’t seem to want to play but i tease it to yet another erection, surprised that it is still able to react. Stroke, stroke, stroke, rub, rub, rub. After 45 minutes i’ve managed 3 orgasms, another 30 minutes another 2. 29 left but each one seems like a trial and my cock hurts, i tell this to Goddess’. “I love it” She replies. Over the next few hours i stroke my cock to orgasm after orgasm, desperate to make some ground up. Time after time i bring my cock to erection, each one a surprise. By the time i need to eat i have the target down to 20, a few more today and i might just make it.

The evening is difficult, my cock doesn’t want to respond and every one feels like a trial. Time and time again i feel the orgasm building, only for it to slip away before i achieve orgasm. my cock head is red and sore, my arm is getting tired. This is a true test of endurance, i wonder if a marathon may be easier. Nevertheless i persevere, inspired by the beautiful Goddess who owns me. After several hours i have struggled to 4 more, an exhausting day. “Just” 16 more left to achieve tomorrow, but i feel empty. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will replenish me and my balls.

Day 5

i awake to the thought of more wanking, i’ve had my fill of wanking but i’ve a task to do. 16 to achieve today and no work, i can pace myself and i hope this will be enough. i’ve awoken with an erection and hope this is a good sign, but i soon find this is a false dawn. i stroke and stroke and feel the orgasm build, but it slips away. i keep stroking and teasing the head of my cock. Eventually i feel the orgasm and release, ruining the orgasm and frustrating myself. It was hard, but one more closer to the total. After a very difficult hour i am 4 closer to completion, just 12 more, i am determined now to get there.

After a break i resume the marathon, just 12 more i tell myself, it still sounds like a lot. i play some clips of Goddess using me for Her pleasure and get back to frustrating myself. Stroking myself, each erection, each edge feels like a struggle. Several times i come close to orgasm and it slips frustratingly away, when it does come i frustrate myself with a ruined orgasm. Already 68 frustrated ruined orgasms and i have to do more. i push myself to 4 more before needing to have another break, by the end there is very little coming out. It is an orgasm, but only just. After so many orgasms and so much masturbation i am exhausted.

Back to the marathon, 8 left to go, very close now. Despite everything i try and Goddess’ arousing clips there is nothing. i stroke and i stroke, rub and rub, time and time again i feel deep frustrating arousal with no release at the end. It is pure post orgasmic torture, the skin and the head of my cock are very tender and sore and i’ve achieved nothing towards the total. i take a break for a few hours in an attempt to replenish.

Returning to my task i play a clip of Goddess teasing and torturing poodle to 4 ruined orgasms, it seems quite fitting for today. Rub, rub, stroke, stroke, i tease myself to 2 more orgasms. my cock is blistered on the head near the frenum. Just 6 more, nearly there, i can almost taste it. i push myself to 2 more frustrating releases despite the stinging in my cock. Empty again, i need a break if i am to complete. By now i am feeling like i have had my fill of masturbating, chastity seems like a wonderful dream.

After 2 hours i return to my task, 5pm and just 4 more to achieve before the day ends. i’m exhausted and everything hurts, but inspired by Goddess in latex i reach 2 more frustrating ruined orgasms. The second one feels like a struggle and i don’t know if there is anything left in me but i’m so close. Stroke, stroke, stroke; rub, rub, rub, it takes over half an hour to reach the next one. So many false dawns, so many times i feel like i am going to cum but nothing happens, but eventually i have only 1 left.

Just 1, sounds easy now, but oh no. After 79 releases in 5 days, poodle’s cock really doesn’t want to play anymore. i rub and rub and rub, tease, tease and tease. It hurts, my cock is sore and red. Eventually, inspired by Goddess using “horsie” on my ass, i cum. It is a tiny frustrating ruined orgasm, but it is an orgasm. i collapse, exhausted after my trial, but i’m there.


Goddess is please, i am tired and i fear my cock may never work again, but Goddess is pleased and that is all that matters. i happily lock my cock back in chastity, oh it feels so sweet now.

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