FemdommeSociety Interview

How do You wish to be addressed?
All submissives should address to Me as Lady, Ma’am or “Doamna” (which is the Romanian for Madam). Only My properties are allowed to use Mistress or “Stapana” (Romanian for Mistress).

What celebrity are You often told You resemble?
I find My appearance to be rather singular.

What do You consider to be Your greatest feature?
My wicked mind with vivid imagination.

What would We be surprised to learn that You have never done?
Funny, I can’t think of something.

What is the best advice You have ever received?
A dominant woman should inspire fantasies, but never entirely fulfill them.

What are you “totally addicted” to?
My kinky lifestyle.

What do You not ever leave home without?
My shoes.

What do You wish you could be more of?
More of a perfectionist.

How long have You been in the lifestyle?
In 2011 I had been for 6 years in the lifestyle.

Would You consider Yourself to have had a regular childhood?
I guess so. I was very fortunate to have a loving family environment and lots of friends.

What is your favorite beverage? (can be hot/cold, alcoholic/non-alcoholic, etc).
Water, and sometimes red wine.

Do you celebrate Christmas or a similar holiday at this time of year, and if so, what do you enjoy most about it?
No, I don’t celebrate any particular holidays; I try to live My life as if every day is a holiday.

What’s the sexiest thing a submissive has ever or could ever say to you?
I have been told many beautiful sexy things, but the most exciting is when I’m told My pleasure is all that matters.

Tell Us about Your first Femdom experience, including a detailed description of how You felt.
In 2002, I had a vanilla boyfriend. At that time, I knew nothing about the concept of BDSM. I started to use My boyfriend for oral services only, denying him orgasms and cuckolding him. I enjoyed humiliating and torturing him all the time. After a few years I left him, but the desire to use men persisted. I found out that I’m not the only one with such fantasies in 2005, when I found more information about it on the internet. Nowadays I’m addicted to Femdom.

What is the last book You read?
De Sade – Justine.

What is Your favorite movie?
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

Do You consider Yourself a Pro Domme, Lifestyle Domme, or a combination of both?
I’m a combination of both. I have two personal servants but time to time I choose male subjects to have sessions with.

If You were to choose one word to describe the feeling You experience when Dominating a submissive, which word would You choose?

What is Your general view of men?
They are the smartest and most precious pets, and all you have to do is to train them well.

Does Dominating another bring You sexual pleasure? Tell Us about how so and why do You feel this way.
Of course, that is the point of Domination, isn’t it? I can use My slave in every way I want in order to achieve climax.

Which lifestyle books and magazines would You recommend to others?
The Mistress Manual – Mistress Lorelei, How to Capture a Mistress – Karen Martin.

What is Your line of work?

How does Your work affect Your Femdom lifestyle?
I try to keep them separate.

How do Your Female Supremacy views affect Your attitude within Your work environment?
I learned how to use My skills to manipulate men into getting what I need.

Does Your family know of Your lifestyle?

Do You have friends in the lifestyle?

Do You have vanilla friends who know of Your lifestyle?

If Your favorite vanilla Girlfriend were to ask You why She should try dominating Her man, what reasons would You give Her?
Telling her that she can get anything she wants from a man, while making him love her even more in the process.

Have You ever been to a lifestyle party?

Have You ever played in public?

What is the single most important mistake a submissive man makes when first approaching a Dominant Woman?
Asking her to fulfill his fantasies.

What do You look for when reading an e-mail message from a submissive?
They should use proper grammar and addressing, then they should tell Me about them, not only as submissives with fantasies, but as persons.

Do You currently have a slave or submissive?

Are You seeking other slaves or submissives?

Do You consider Yourself straight or bi-sexual?

Do You prefer Your slaves or submissives to be straight or bi-sexual?
Straight, but able to sexually interact with other men if I ask them to.

Which rules do You require a slave or submissive to live by? For instance, rules regarding use of furniture, walking behind You, calling in, chastity, and so forth.
Chastity, sitting when urinating, taking care of his body and mind, no smoking, meditating about him being My slave for a given period of time every day.

What is Your favorite lifestyle activity?
Tease and denial.

Do You feminize Your servants?
Yes, but not all of them.

Does Your domination apply to all levels of Your relationship? For instance, do You or would You control Y/your finances?
I would control the finances in a TPE relationship.

Do You cuckold Your slaves or submissives with other lovers?
The idea of cuckolding turns Me on, and I usually prepare My slaves for being cuckolded, though I don’t do it too often. I sometimes cuckold them with My girlfriend.

Do You live a 24/7 FemDom lifestyle?
Yes, as much as it is possible.

If You are in a 24/7 FemDom relationship, would You describe Your relationship as stronger than a vanilla relationship?
Of course, the intimacy in a D/s relationship is so much deeper. He will offer himself entirely and I take the responsibility to make him a complete person through accepting his true submissive nature.

When a disagreement occurs between You and your slave or submissive, how is it resolved? Is Your word the final word?
I make Myself clear that it is My way or the highway.

Do You set benchmarks for a male to prove his devotion to You?
Yes, the pain and humiliation suffered by the male is like a tribute to Me. To prove his devotion he should accept pain even if he isn’t a masochist. It’s all about pushing his limits.

Do You judge a slave or submissive’s willingness to embarrass himself as proof of his desire to serve You?
Yes, he should disregard his pride if I request it.

What advice would You offer a Woman whose male partner has just asked to dominate him and She knows nothing of the lifestyle?
Don’t let him cum.

How do You discipline Your servant(s)?
I take some of their rights – abstinence for a longer period of time, interdiction to touch Me or even see Me, not engaging in their favorite activities.

Do You use chastity on Your servant(s)?
Yes, I always do.

How do You control the orgasms of Your servant(s)?
First I explain them how important it is for a slave for Me to control his orgasms. If he wants to experience submissiveness at the highest level, he should entrust Me with his satisfaction. Usually they understand the necessity of orgasm control and only have orgasms when allowed to. I also use chastity devices.

Do You use strap-ons on Your servant(s)?

What do the next five years hold for You?
I would like to contribute to the development of the Femdom community in Romania by opening, together with other Dommes, a slave farm, where male creatures are used for the pleasure of Women. As for My personal life, I would like to further develop My 24/7 relationship with My “alpha slave”.

Share with Us Your fears when You first became involved in the lifestyle.
I was afraid I would not find a submissive life partner who can be My total slave 24/7, but at the same time have a spine, a dominant nature towards everyone else, a strong man in every aspect of his life. Lately I have overcome this fear.

Do You have any words of encouragement for new Dommes?
As long as you really enjoy it, it’s impossible to not be a good Domme, as long as it is safe, sane and consensual. Dominate with love, not hatred.