Picture of the week 27 2016 – Castrated by My boots

Goddess Ezada Sinn pony play OWK

My pony has disappointed Me extremely today: he has been inexplicably slow and got tired after just 3 laps of pulling My cart. This is not a pony, he does not deserve to be called so, he is just a weak and pathetic donkey, a lousy piece o shit. As he cannot be a stallion, there is no reason for him to keep his balls, so I will take care of them with My boots. I will kick his balls until he gets fixed, I will castrate him right here, with no tools, no veterinarian, nothing, just My over the knee high heel leather boots. Plus My rage of this pathetic piece of shit’s inability to perform such a simple and easy task as pulling a cart. And I was very, very enraged…


Ballbusting Ezada Sinn boot kick
This clip was filmed in collaboration with the Other World Kingdom (OWK) in the Czech Republic in 2016.

GIF pony ballbusting at the OWK

Clip can be bough here: Castrated by My boots