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To My worshiper

I am not impressed by subs who write Me emails just because they want something from Me (to train them online for free, to wear a specific outfit in My photos, to bug Me with their fantasies and not caring about serving Me the way I want, etc). I prefer those who worship Me from distance, who show Me devotion by buying all My clips, by offering Me tributes. This is a little clip I made for My worshiper from Linz.




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  1. kensaya
    24.02.2014 @ 07:57

    think you perfect mistress Ezda Sinn The Most wonderful mistress of the world.
    Happy birthday my perfect queen i will be continue to buy your worship strapon video worship your sweety spit and worship your perfect body leather femdom.

    Kiss and love you forever and I worship you, Goddess Ezada Sinn, I belong to You and I am you are my only Goddess, and i will obey you… forever.

  2. Josef
    24.02.2014 @ 17:17

    Oh my one and only Goddess!

    Thank You sooo very much for the greatest gift
    I ever got:
    worshippin You
    and being Your slave

  3. Gazan Kahn
    25.02.2014 @ 12:52

    You deserved to be WORSHIPED wish there must be some ceremony to start for rituals LIVE and On-Line as well

    But Masturbate daily before going to bed Yours Would be Slave one day

  4. shu
    13.03.2014 @ 14:17

    Hello Mistress Ezada Sinn Your birthday blessings from the heart I see a lot of video clips, inflate my delusions You can kiss your boots and a slap in the face And what is more hard fuck with your hands and strapon Such thinking is to masturbate to You are more beautiful than any of the mistress, and noble I kneel in front of your photos

  5. hypno
    22.03.2014 @ 02:21

    WOW U look Zooo fantastic, can U learn me speak romanian????

  6. slave sit
    21.01.2016 @ 08:06

    A message that is almost two years old and it hits the mark as true then as it does today. You have not wavered in Your message, in Your commitment to Your principles. i admire You for that, i worship You for that.
    Your slave sit

  7. sit
    21.01.2016 @ 08:09

    A message that is almost two years old yet hits the mark today as well as it did back then. you have not wavered from Your principles, Your commitment to who You are and embody.
    i admire You for that. i worship You for that.

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