Picture of the week 51 2017 – Using your pantyhose fetish to destroy you

That’s right, you’re nothing more than My slave and your place is on your knees at My feet. Remember, you’re the one who said you’d do anything just to see My pantyhose clad ass. Well, anything means I’m going to lock your pathetic dick in chastity. I shall transform you into My pantyhose bitch, aroused yet unable to stroke your cock. Look how luscious My big round ass looks in this Wolford 40 den pantyhose. Sniff it and feel how wet and excited I am through the delicious nylon fabric. you’ll become devoted to pantyhose: you’ll learn to worship it, to long for it, and to beg for its silken touch. I’ll break you, slave, by turning your pantyhose fetish into an utter pantyhose addiction. Any time you see, hear, or sense pantyhose your tiny locked cock will painfully fill its steel cage. Over time pantyhose shall become the only sexual crutch that gets you hard. Obsessed with pantyhose, wearing pantyhose, sucking the sweat out of My pantyhose; oh yes, you will become My pantyhose bitch, I guarantee it.

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