I have a task for you!

These holidays are probably not the typical holidays, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be great. I have a task for you, that I am sure will make you feel closer to Me and enjoy the Winter vacation as a proper chattel.

I made a list of clips that I want you to watch in exactly this order, one clip every day, until the 1st of January, performing the required tasks presented in each particular clip or reproduce the activities I subject My boys to.

Always buy My clips using My referral link EzadaSinn.com (as I receive a better commision from C4S this way).

I want the proof you completed the task: Every day, after performing the required task, take a picture with your dick in front of the screen you are watching My clips and send Me all the pictures in an email between 2nd and 5th of January.

Thursday, 24th of December. Locked in chastity or not, you must understand the importance of orgasm control. Edge very slowly but DO NOT CUM while watching this clip. The true reasons behind chastity

Friday, 25th of December. Locked in chastity, cover yourself in nylons and edge for Me with a Doxy. No cumming! Orgasming all over My nylon mummy

Saturday, 26th of December. This task will take you so deep… Just follow My lead. Triggers to your submission

Sunday, 27th of December. Cover yourself in leather or wear at least a pair of gloves. Follow My exact instructions. Leather obsession

Monday, 28th of December. you have My permission to ejaculate but only at My countdown, while watching this clip. If possible, save the cumshot in a condom or plastic bag, in the freezer as I want you to use it in a couple of days. EzadaSinnism – your new religion

Tuesday, 29th of December. you are in for some humiliation. Take a pair of socks or underwear from your laundry basket and put it in your mouth while edging fast for Me. DO NOT CUM! Sweaty spandex ass licker

Wednesday, 30th of December. I want to see you enthusiastically accept any kind of humiliation that comes from Me. Edge, do not cum during this clip. Every time you edge you must spit on the floor or in a glass. At the end, lick off your own spit and the your freezed cum saved a couple of days ago. DO NOT CUM! Used by Boss Lady

Thursday, 31st of December. you are in for a treat. Try to cum in the same time with My boy. Can you resist Step-Mommy Ezada? Step-Mommy’s new sextoy

Friday, 1st of January. Start the year properly, in chastity Ezada’s Orgasm Control: one month program

Happy holidays under My control!