When I hold the whip…

This is letter from My slave, medor:

  Mistress Ezada Sinn Romania with a bullwhip large
“Sleeping or not, I dream of being with You very often. In my dreams, of course, You are dressed in black leather, with your high boots, with your hair pulled behind, and, of course, You hold a long whip in your hand…
   So classical !
   What is not so classical is the intense reaction I have, when I see You like that. It is like an electric shock.
   Suddenly, You are here, in front of me, in majesty, so dazzlingly beautiful, so strong and powerful. And I feel so ugly, so weak, so impotent, but also irresistibly attracted by You, irresistibly in love with You. It is really as if I was in front of a shining Goddess, my Goddess whom I desire so much, and I cannot escape to adore Her, to be subjected to all Her wills and desires.
    I know that, very soon, I shall have to suffer, more or less. But I am so happy to show Her that I want to obey and to please Her. So happy to live intensely with Her for a few minutes. So happy to show Her that I love Her !
   When You hold the whip, I feel like your servant your obedient and respectful servant, eager to fulfil all your needs, secretly submissive and secretly in love with his Mistress. And I like it.
   When You hold the whip, I feel like a worm, your little worm, so disgusting and dribbling, so ugly, negligible, and insignificant, that You might crush it under the sole of your boot. And I like it.
   When You hold the whip, I feel like your dog, I am your medor, avid of smelling your fragrance, your body, your clothes, your undergarments; eager to rub itself against your body, against your belly, against your legs, between your legs; your medor trying to lick your body everywhere.
   When You hold the whip, I feel like a little boy, your little boy. And You are my mum. And I know that I have done something silly, and that You will have to punish me. But I know also that I deserve it, that You have to punish me for my greater benefit, that You have to train me, to educate me, to bring me up, and that You do so only because You love me. 
   When You hold the whip, I like to feel that I surrender, I submit, I open myself to your wills and desires, even if it hurts. So I want to receive as much as possible from You, to intensify the link between us, and to feel or prove that I like You more and more and better.
   When You hold the whip, it is more a symbol than a tool for punishing me, the symbol of your power, your absolute power upon me. So it is the ultimate proof that I am completely seduced , completely in love with You. And that’s why I like it so much !
                                                                                                                                                   your medor”