Picture of the week 42 2016 – Bye bye manhood!


ass worship

Goddess Jasmine Mendez and I will partake in an activity We both really enjoy: ball busting. There’s just something so satisfying about the act of annihilating the precious manhood of a slave by physically destroying his cook and balls! Best of all, We have two pairs of virgin, never kick-tested nuts to wreck with Our with swift, well placed blows. The luscious sensation of embedding the pointy tips of our boots into the slave’s tender sack of balls, watching his whole body contract and convulse, hearing him gasp, wheeze, and moan; its pure regal Femdom fun. One slave squeals like a stuck pig and collapses on the floor following just a few robust kicks. The other one tries to remain stalwart, yet soon finds himself doubled over in pain. Oh, demolishing a slave’s manhood, We both love it!


Bye bye manhood!

Make sure you have the House of Sinn clip as well Crawling for the Supreme Goddesses of Female Supremacy