Picture of the week 17 2015 – Leather under the sun

I have an intimate love for leather.  It’s rich, soft, and buttery texture massaging My skin.  I can feel it’s warmth straight through My bones as I run My stiletto nailed fingers across these shapely hips and thighs.


Yes I am attracted to wearing leather, plus I’m keenly a tune that donning it magnifies My attraction for others, as it draws notice to My aura of class and luxury.  When I wear leather, people are captivated by My strength, confidence and feminine allure.


Some find the aroma of My leather intoxicating.  Others experience downright arousal.  The effect it has on my slaves is purely amusing, as they scurry about, all hot and bothered by My leather encased perfection.


On My recent vacation to Thailand ,as I walk in the hot afternoon sun through the grounds of My 5 star resort hotel, I am shaped by a tight, form fitting back leather skirt.  If by the end of My stroll I am damp with perspiration under the fabric, then My personal slave will clean the heavenly sweat from My feet, legs and royal ass, in the manner I’ve taught him.


Oh I know my poor boys, you would do anything to have his duty!
leather elegant