Picture of the week 24 2014 – Rough fetish shoejob

This slave has a strong affinity for shoes, and My patent leather fetish shoes simply make his cock hard. I’m in a good mood today, so I’m going to play with his cock with My perfect shoes. It arouses him to feel the smooth patent leather against the sensitive skin of his cock, to feel the cold metal of the heel when his prick lands between the high heel and the arch of the shoe. But he will also have to experience the rubbing of the rough ribbed sole against the head of his sensitive uncut cock, a feeling that will take him away from pleasure and close to agony. He is allowed to feel the pleasure of touching My shoes with his cock, but he will have to also take this torture from them. I will use My shoes to alternate pleasure with pain for him, keeping him on the edge between orgasm and frustration, but still very aroused. When I allow him to literally hump My shoes, he is glad, because he thinks that is his path to orgasm, but when he is ready to cum – I take My shoes away and send him fetch his chastity device. I chose frustration for him.

See the clip here

Rough shoe job - Dominatrix Ezada Sinn Europe