Suzanne Ballivet

Suzanne Ballivet (1904-1985) was a French painter and illustrator of books. Part of her work is more vanilla style erotic, but there are some very nice Femdom pieces as well. In 1954 she did some illustrations for a French edition of “Venus in Furs”. No need to say anything about the book of course, everyone reading this blog will know perfectly well.

Her style is very “French” and even though the story is of course set in 19th century, there is some “50ies” taste shining through I think. So much love and devotion in these pictures. And none without a crop or whip in the Mistress hands… I love her beautiful fur trimmed robes!

The whipping scene is My favourite… of course it is… Wanda is so sexy and agitated in this…

Suzanne Ballivet 1

Suzanne Ballivet 2

Suzanne Ballivet 3

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