“On Being Marked” by sit

My American collared slave sit is visiting Me. This is written by him, right after I used him one evening. Oh, how I love the way he is serving Me…

“my chest is still wet from Goddess Ezada’s spit, so too is the raging cock inside Her metal cage. My entire front side body; head, neck, chest, torso, pelvis, arms and legs are damp moist from an unadulterated dousing of Goddess’s sacred champagne.

Out of nowhere She, suddenly dragged me from Her living room into Her bedroom. With Her the tables turn fast, conversation one moment before, then shockingly the next i am on my knees worshiping Her pungent and gamy pantyhose. The entire day of Her toils seeps out through the shear and shimmering nylon. Still, Goddess Ezada is no where near satisfied with such humdrum adoration. i am ordered to strip quickly naked and placed into “doormat” position on the rug before Her.

after whipping Ezada Sinn sit single tail

Goddess towers above me, now naked from dress down. The room is dimly lit by a singular red lamp, softly accented with the leverage of blood. There is no choice or weight of decision on my part here, i am Her disposed toy, a mere object for Her pleasure. Without warning white thick drops start to fall from above.

Her spit rains down on my forehead, into my mouth, onto my chest, and belly button. She slathers it around, Her sacred saliva clings to my naked skin. Its taste bares focus of Her day, Her lunch, Her dinner, Her coffee, Her wine. The personality of Her split remains unique and utterly impressionable. She stands so far above me, in the darkened room, yet Her eyes burn into mine. Goddess takes to aim and moments later Her spit oozes into the vents of Her steel cased chastity. i feel it trickle down inside the steel, over the rigid shaft of Her imprisoned cock.

Goddess Ezada Sinn sheer catsuit tease and denial

Goddess lurches violently forward, sitting absolutely square upon my face. sit’s tongue is commanded to seek and find Her holy rectum, Her sacred anus. i am being used as nothing more than Her personal bidet. Maybe this is training for what could occur next week? More than likely Goddess is just taking the pleasure She wants and so rightly deserves, right here, right now.

i am lost in the chocolate fragrance lodged inside Her puckered rim. i suck, and lick deeply for every morsel and anal odor i can muster. i am driven mad; you could kill me now with no regrets. Still, this ritual is far from finished. Without warning warm yellow liquid droplets drizzle down over my forehead, flushing clean my eyes. I am marked, and Goddess is now wildly laughing at my plight.

With only one, flat palm Goddess forcibly soils my entire stunned face. She quickly moves back further down my chest. Her golden champagne splashes freely against my heart and sternum. With positive glee Goddess smears Her nectar right and left across Her property’s torso. Her right hand tightly finishes by encompassing and forcibly squeezing my exposed throat. She rocks my head convincingly backwards, Her lips snarl; Her eyes widen as She perches inches above my soaked face.

Ezada Sinn whipping leather single tail sit

In demonic cadence, She expounds.

“you belong to Me now.”
“I own you totally sit.”
“There is no other way.”

i am frozen unable to move as She lowers Herself slithering down Her prey’s body. Goddess hovers over Her prize chastity cage, opened only by the jeweled key strung round Her neck. The intent which She dominates me is laden with power like never before.

“This belongs to me.”

Her nectar no longer warm but torridly hot splashes down over the cage that brings Her joy of proprietorship. Goddess is not kind in touch as She rubs Her juices into her slave’s testicles and pubic skin. Still, the One who controls me is not satisfied and fulfilled yet. With animalistic rage and resolve She repeats every single marking again over my rigid prone frame. Simultaneously She laughs and sneers, all the while She’s permanently etching Her name into my flesh and soul.

Goddess finishes standing over me, panting as heavily as i. The carpet around us is wet with Her discharge and Our/our sweat. Never before have i felt so owned, so taken, so possessed. She however appears elated and blissful. The roundness in Her eyes is wide, Her lips slightly open, and moist.

After whipping slave Domina love

“slave, you will not rinse out your mouth nor shall you wash a single drop of Me off your body till I grant you permission tomorrow in the morning. Do you understand?”

i need no words to respond “Yes.” i am commanded to stand.

“I want you to write me a blog about this tonight while it is fresh in your mind.” Goddess hands me a soiled black cotton panty. This is the only garment you will wear till I give you permission to clean yourself. “Now leave my bedroom and get started My pet.”

It’s 3am, and Her property is sitting on the couch, typing, cold, semi-naked, emasculated and totally eviscerated. What started maybe as simple play has turned into a profound cast of Her Female dominance over my soul. i crawl into bed forever marked, forever changed.”

After whipping leather Domina slave

I took no pictures during the play but the pictures published on this post were taken durin sit’s visit.