Picture of the week 18 2013 – Just an object – human ashtray and spittoon

My personal slave is trained to serve Me in any way I want. One of My favorites is to totally dehumanize him.
As usual, is is locked in chastity. It’s not about his please after all, but Mine. His mouth is kept wide open by a ring gag. This way I can use his mouth as a spittoon, ashtray and it prevents him from swallowing – this way the taste of My ashes will persist in his mouth. I touch him with the burning cigarette and most amusing for Me is to make him cry, so I blow smoke into his eyes. He is such a loser that he likes to be My ashtray and spittoon.

This is a still from one of My latest clips on C4S

Lady Ezada ashtray humiliation.mp4_snapshot_00.26_[2013.04.27_00.32.37]